anonymous said:

so do you not like abe? (the owner of plvs)

I never said I didn’t like him. He’s never done anything to personally victimise me so I have no reason to. 

I have absolutely no respect for him whatsoever due to his lack of originality and the extent he goes to to imitate Ian Connor and Glyn Brown. 

He’s even started writing his friends’ names in capitals like Glyn does. 

And he’s just bought a pair of fake yeezys. 

And then lied about it by saying he bought them from Nike. Something which hasn’t been possible since their release date. 

Everything he does seems to be false in one way or another. 

Living a life of lies and false suggestion will only disappoint people. It will get you no where. 

And given the fact that PLVS isn’t a registered or trademarked company, he doesn’t own it. Nobody does. 

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