[fanfic] a cost-benefit analysis on inter-team fraternization

a cost-benefit analysis on inter-team fraternization | Abe Takaya/Sakaeguchi Yuuto, Abe Takaya & Haruna Motoki

He’d jotted down GOOD INSIDE SOURCE FOR HATOGAYA in Sakaeguchi’s favor before he reminded himself that Hatogaya hadn’t even made it past the first round of the regional tournament the year before, so he had appended VERY LIMITED UTILITY for the sake of clarification. Below it was what logically followed: HATOGAYA SPY? dutifully written in overthick characters, this particular line item underlined with such frequency that the lines had metamorphosed into one, misshapen blot of blue ink. The transcription accurately conveyed the gravity of what was a very real possibility, he decided, and thoughtfully filled in two more lines. [Abe and Sakaeguchi run into each other at the convenience store and their middle school computer lab—and strike up…an acquaintanceship. Sort of.]

for musard, as part of the koshien exchange 2014
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