Feels like home ❤️ I have lived in Brasil for 8 months a couple years ago, first 6 months in Pipa( rio grande do Norte ) and 2 months in Florianópolis ( Santa Catarina ) and now seeing Rio .. 🇧🇷 save to say I love this country ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #Brasil #onelove #valeu


I stole this pic from someone else, so I’m sorry. But can you stop toying with me Community? I need Trobed back and everytime I see things about Troy returning I get happy and excited even though I know it won’t happen. But like for those of you who saw the preview for next week didn’t it seem like they were listing off their perfect season 7s? What if Abed’s perfect season 7 was Troy returning home to him, and Donald made an appearance for the episode? What if a season 7 was filmed one day and Donald returned for it? Doesn’t it seem likely the perfect next season for Abed would be his friends returning to the group? Also, what about all the action his season would hold? I personally feel Abed’s perfect season would be Troy returning, and that’s probably the only way he’d ever return. (If it was Abed’s imagination). Unless they all left the study room and when they got back to their apartment they opened the door and Troy was there. Either way, imagine Troy and Abed’s reunion. The smile on Abed’s face that appears only near Troy, the hug, THE HANDSHAKE. Dear God imagine them doing their handshake because they’re finally together again.

Zodiac signs as enjoyable feelings

Aries: The feeling after exercise
Taurus: Going to bed without an alarm clock
Gemini: Coming in from the cold and feeling the warmth touch your face
Cancer: Eating raw cookie dough
Leo: When a cute stranger compliments you
Virgo: Jumping onto a freshly made bed
Libra: The first sip of coffee
Scorpio: Putting on joggers/ pajamas after a long day
Sagittarius: Laughing so hard you feel abs coming on
Capricorn: Finally being done a long project
Aquarius: Running into someone you love unexpectedly
Pisces: When your crush/ lover messages you

i loved a man
with eyes of glass
dark like stance
warm chamber hands

he spoke with grooves
flowed with you’s
held his own
yet followed you

beside his darkest
he dabbled
crept upon
the bluest

his sky was graceful
but his mouth spoke hatred
tongue tied and suck in dazes
his ways, words
the way his wise spoke eights
strayed from sevens
as he lied in questions

the world was always
while his seemed stuck in hallways
the corridors of even
and odd from hell
he loved his name
and the flame he thought he held

—  left vs. right
words by dominic riccitello