This is why I love his videos and whatnot omfg yes.
This store, Hollister, and American Apparel make me RAGE, they all fucking do or say shit like this and even though I have the “body type” they look for, I refuse to buy their clothing. The Hollister/Abecrombie items I have I didn’t buy whatsoever, I got them second hand and I almost only ever wear the 3 sweatshirts I have under something else, being my Northface raincoat. At this point, I’d give them to Salvation Army or something but I don’t have money for new and better sweatshirts so I’ll just have to wait because they’re my “warm weather” sweatshirts and I barely wear them anymore. 

I had, at one point, someone tell me I should buy more clothing from those stores so I could “look better” and by “better” I mean more like the popular kids at school who generally sport those clothing stores. Sorry but no. I don’t wear overpriced bullshit and crappily made clothing- this includes Victoria’s Secret because honestly their clothing is made so horribly it doesn’t even last long whatsoever and I’m talking about everything in their store not just underwear and bras and whatnot- just because it’d fit your idea of a proper clothing image. It’s not my style and I most certainly don’t buy anything from companies that make statements fat-shaming people or that run in a size that only caters to less than 10% of the world’s populace body sizes and shapes. Just… I’m done. As soon as I can get new sweatshirts, those are going byebye, I no longer want them and especially not after this sorta crap statement.

Daniel, you are a smart man and I applaud you. Another video well made!

Am I the only one who finds it really hard to find employees in Abecrombie?

Like, you need them to open the fucking changing room door for you because they’re all fucking locked like the pretentious doors they are. 

And so you have to wander around clouds of perfume looking for some fit white teenage guy with the fucking keys. 

It’s like


And the, like, two people that work there are all

"Bitch you gotta catch us first." 

“Last Friday morning, I was with a group of people here and someone came up and said, ‘Mike, I have terrible, terrible news for you. Last night on “Jersey Shore,” the Situation had A.& F. product on.’ We all said, ‘Oh! That’s terrible! What are we going to do about it?’ And the group kind of came up with the solution: Let’s pay them not to wear our product.”


One mans journey to change Abercrombie and Fitch for the better. Funny and heartwarming video.

I know what I’ll do if I ever find myself some A&F clothes.