30 day anime challenge: [day four]

Favourite male character → Yuzuru Otonashi (Angel Beats)

“Our lives were real! Not a single moment of them were fake! Everyone lived the best they could! We carved those memories into ourselves! Memories of living as hard as we could! No matter what kind they were, they’re the life we led! Erasing them in the blink of an eye like that… Wasn’t your life also real to you?!”  


Yoque, Abeats & Dj Sobe - “Libre”

A pesar del aire cálido
Mis campos tienen nieve.
Deseo retorcerme y culebrear.
Un gemido entre la oscuridad
Nos dice, claro está,
Quien va ganando.
La paja del techo
Amenaza con desbordarse
Pero yo quiero escarbar
Y transplantar algunas yerbas.
Mis montañas están turgentes.
Sobre la arcilla color hoja seca
De mi jardín
Las orugas parecen bocas.

¿Por qué no te apresuras
y te quitas la ropa?

—  Poema obceno - Marge Piercy #PoesíaBeat

anonymous asked:

i will never forgive you for shipping drarry and also reading saving francesca/ the pipers son. that whole group of friends gets my heart abeating. but, and i say this with the passion of a thousand suns, JIMMY WAS MY BABY AND I WANT HIM BACK BRING HIM BACK NOW

DON’T TAKE TO ME ABOUT THE GANG I LOVE THEIR FRIENDSHIP SO MUCH it’s so so so important i’m going to CRY oh my god?? honestly i love everyone so much and their interactions and the way they fit together wow. THERE WASN’T ENOUGH JIMMY IN THE PIPER’S SON TO BE HONEST there’ll never be enough jimmy