AbdulQadir said that he was interested in Abdulkader. Later on it was revealed that they were in love with each other. AbdulQadir and Abdulkader got happily married and spent their honeymoon in AbdulIsland’s island. The inhabitants of AbdulIsland’s island are mostly dark-skinned, highly intelligent and shy. But, there is a short story behind this: thousands of years ago, the Abdulkaderians (inhabitants of AbdulIsland’s island) were abducted by the AbdulQaders, taken in a spaceship and flown away far far away to the planet of AbdulQals.

The AbdulQals, on the other hand, are mostly ignorant and possesses the intelligence of a nine-year-old. Now, you may wonder how such dumb people can abduct highly intelligent people of Abdulkaderians. Well, the answers is quite simple. The AbdulQals are in possession of advanced technology that the Abdulkaderians developed many many many years ago. What happened?
And to this day it still remains as one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of the mankind (because that is what they are - human beings…or not, I am not quite sure). However, there was a man - named the Doctor - who understood and solved the mystery behind the abduction of the highly intelligent Abdulkaderians. His story is: …. to be continued.

Quotation by Abdul.


Also added respondent for Q & A: Nayla Abi Nasr, Program director of Center for Sustainable Democracy.

Screening starts at 19:00 with three short films with discussion following as the final event in the URBAN STORIES series and party to begin the holiday season with food from tawlet, mezyan and more:-)

Location: Mansion, Zoqaq el-Blatt 

Just up the street from Holiday Inn past Spears on Abdulkader Street. Mansion is directly across the street from a new residential tower called Solidaire building and around the corner from the Orient-Institut.