OK, fandom, we’re all relatively smart people with way too much time on our collective hands. Let’s crack this fucking code.


Assuming it’s a 1:1 code in which each character corresponds with one letter, we can start by identifying patterns within the characters. There are plenty of reasons to disregard this assumption, but it can still be a decent first step.

Δƒ§o’* appears four times; ‘Δ”V†’∫’” appears 3 times; ΔVPL’ and Δπ* both appear twice. Any relevant 6-character, 5-character, and 3-character combinations (words/abbreviations/word+space) all start(ish) with the same letter/character? 

abbreving words is one of my fav things to do online and IRL…

like i would say the above sentence verbatim out loud

Truncated Units of Language and Colloquialisms for the Loquacious Gentleperson (No. 14)



  • abbreviation of abbreviation; a shortened version of a word, because words are too long and hard to say: Abbreviation is such a long word, I have to shorten it to abbrev. Is that irony?
New feature: Fashion abbrevs we should all be using!


Just introducing a new feature on MFW about one of our fav things, abbrevs!

Our first abbrev is “ess” which is short for essence. It’s cool to use because it’s shorter than the original word and it’s easier to say. It’s also super cute!

So for example:

"I love the ess of your look today"

"Damn girl, love that ess you have!"

"I’m so jeal of your ess. I wish I was you!"

"Your ess looks good in those jeans!"

Au revoir!!!

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  • Name: jessica
  • Nicknames: jess, shmessy, j-bear, j-bird, j-baby, la jeeeeessssss, and my ex used to call me pinche gringa and i hate him but like being called that
  • Birthday: july 16
  • Gender: female
  • Sexuality: i am the gay straight of bi, kneel before your god
  • Height: 5’6”?
  • Time zone: est
  • What time and date is it there: MIDNIGHT 29 august 2014
  • Average hours of sleep I get a night: at least 6
  • Last thing I googled was: australian vineyards for weddings (RESEARCH FOR FIC I SWEAR *SWEATS NERVOUSLY*)
  • Most used phrase(s): profanity and abbrevs and ‘uhh’
  • First word that comes to mind: mountain
  • What I last said to a family member: good night
  • One place that makes me happy and why: my house senior year of college i lived with 8 other people. it was first time renting/not living on campus or with grownups and i went in knowing 2 of the housemates from study abroad but now 4 of them are my BEST PALS. we lived next door to some huge akitas that liked getting their heads scratched, one roommate sold weed, even though it was messy every single second of senior year it was the biggest/closest to the buses/the main road/shitty bars/school so everyone chilled at ours. everyone was always over and that house is how i made most of my friends during college. the most used room besides the living room was my friend’s bedroom bc personal space doesn’t exist and it was cozy af bc she had her walls tricked out with mood lights and maps and shit. we had the best spooning/studying/smoking/sleeping sessions in there. we also hosted a big senior prom at the house— we printed invitations, got gussied up, and drank and danced an ass-ton right after finals. i don’t fuck with dc anymore at all it’s a terrible place but some of my best times were in that house.
  • How many blankets I sleep under: my mom is actually the biggest brat for goose down everything so every bed has a comforter with it. it’s p cozy in winter and i finally dug my old duvet out from school to use.
  • Favorite beverage(s): green and black tea in any/all forms, natty boh bc hometown pride, french red wines, green smoothies, black coffee, and for some reason the only way i drink water is out of travel or camping mugs.
  • Last movie I watched in the cinema: guardians of the galaxy
  • Three things I can’t live without: my car (with a full tank lbr), a silk scarf for my hair, probably wifi
  • A piece of advice to all my followers: as a person with nothing going on in my life, i feel goofy giving life advice. but there’s an article about #occupy, race politics, and movements in the 21st century in general called 'be careful with each other so we can be dangerous together'. the article is great at highlighting intersections of movements between race/class and how to unify people while not forgetting the privileges among activists. we’re all fighting for the same cause and shouldn’t erase differences or speak over others, but let’s join up to fuck shit up and fight the common enemy. i also like it bc you gotta ride or die for your people, friends, family, community, whatevs, so be kind and sweet to them as much as possible. the article is kinda long (but really good!) but the title is deffo great life advice and not just an important reminder in activism.
  • You all have to listen to this song: i’ve been listening to kelala non-stop, so i recommend 'bank head' by her. and since ima cheater, check out 'i thought i knew' by alela diane. (and both the albums these songs are featured on.)

here’s how you do an impression of me typing/texting - you have to talk pretty norm most of tha time but also add in some weird abbrevs and shit and zen you end it with ja feel, ja feel?