Bin Laden's Superduper Secret Hiding Place

Silly Americans, Osama bin Laden wasn’t hiding in a cave, he was rollin’ in his big ass mansion in Pakistan.

Copy from an article:

“Last August, I was briefed about a possible lead,” Obama said in a speech Sunday evening at about 11:30 p.m. EST. “It took many months to run this thead to ground.” Obama said the U.S. military had found that bin Laden had been “hiding within a compound”–a mansion eight times the size of others nearby–in Abbottabad, Pakistan, an affluent area where many retired military officials lived. 

He was killed after a firefight between bin Laden’s forces and “a small team of Americans,” Obama said. Later it was reported that the 40-minute operation was conducted by Navy Seals in helicopters and on the ground. No Americans were harmed, and the U.S. forces killed bin Laden and took possession of his body. 

Obama reportedly gave the order to attack the compound in a National Security meeting as the world media watched the Royal wedding. 

Kill Bin Laden...THE VIDEOGAME!

Do you want to shoot Osama bin Laden in the face?  Or balls?  Or both!?!  Or do you just want to explore his famous compound in Ababobbtobadotbad?  Well, then load up as a Navy SEAL and play Bin Laden Raid.  It’s a web-based game so it’s free, & no lengthy installs minus a small plugin for Java me thinks.

I’ve read there’s already a multiplayer map based on the OBL compound for Counterstrike, but Bin Laden Raid actually lets you go on the SEAL mission, explore the compound looking for OBL, kill some al-Qaeda mofos (including some of his ladies), gather up computers/intel, blow up the downed chopper, then skedaddle.

Is this game extremely realistic?  Not really!  Did i have fun?  Yes!  Does that make me a sicko hypocrite?  Quite possibly!  Actually, i was more interested in just exploring the compound, and it seems a lot more realistic than those crude animations seen on the news.  So go disrupt jihad today!

The report confirms that Osama bin Laden was not the evil mastermind guiding an international network of “linked” terrorist groups locked in a clash of civilizations as so many commentators have portrayed him over the past decade. The violent acts of terrorism erupting like brush fires across the Muslim world, the TTP in northern Pakistan, Boko Haram in Nigeria, and Al Shabab in Somalia, for instance, are a result of their own local and historical background, mainly the conflict between tribes on the periphery and the central governments.
—  What the Abbottabad report means for Pakistan: The Bin Laden report confirms the mutual disdain Pakistan and the United States maintain towards each other. by Akbar Ahmed for Al Jazeera.

Sohaib Athar, a self-described “IT consultant taking a break by hiding in the mountains with his laptops” and who amazingly – and inadvertently – live-Tweeted the U.S. special ops mission targeting Osama bin Laden – sends along this street photo of his hometown

“For the curious,” he writes, “here is life in abbottabad two minutes ago.”

You’d never guess that the world’s most wanted criminal had been killed there just hours before.  It’s also amazing to think that for a time, Osama bin Laden might have driven down that very street.

THE END    Nestled among trees and in the shadow of Pakistan’s mountains, Osama bin Laden’s hideaway in the town of Abbottabad stands empty today after a helicopter raid by U.S. troops that killed the terror chief yesterday.  (Photo: EPA via the Daily Mail)

Pakistani authorities have sentenced a doctor accused of helping the CIA find Osama bin Laden to 33 years in jail on charges of treason, officials said, a move almost certain to further strain ties between Washington and Islamabad.

Shakil Afridi was accused of running a fake vaccination campaign, in which he collected DNA samples, that is believed to have helped the American intelligence agency track down bin Laden in a Pakistani town.

The al Qaeda chieftain was killed in a unilateral U.S. special forces raid in the town of Abbottabad in May last year.

“Dr Shakil has been sentenced to 33 years imprisonment and a fine of 320,000 Pakistani rupees ($3,477),” said Mohammad Nasir, a government official in the northwestern city of Peshawar, where the jail term will be served. He gave no further details.

Afridi is the first person to be sentenced by Pakistani authorities in the bin Laden case.

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Osama bin Laden’s compound currently getting destroyed: The place where the al-Qaeda leader spent his final days is getting razed in what appears to be a surprise demolition. Not that locals are complaining: “We were searched and questioned every time we wanted to reach our homes,” said 22-year-old college student Shabbir Ahmed, who lives in Abbottabad. “When this symbol of evil is finally gone, people in the area will be able to rest.” Last year’s raid angered the Pakistani government, who were not told that it was going to take place by the U.S. government, who feared that an official would tip off the figurehead. (ht idroolinmysleep; photo by Anjum Naveed/AP)