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Eatyourkimchi Q&A Session at KWave Festival Part 1

WARNING: LOWER YOUR VOLUME DOWN. I’m not taking responsibility for damaged eardrums or loss of hearing.

This is part 1 of the Q&A Eatyourkimchi Session from KWave 2013 in Melbourne, Australia.

For part 2, click here.

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Asian Food Time: Bakkwa

Bakkwa is basically a kind of jerky, usually made with thin-ish strips of pork, (but some stores, like Bee Cheng Hiang, have moved into beef and chicken products) about 4mm thick, marinated in spices, sugar, salt, and soy sauce, then barbequed until deliciously shiny. (If you’re not salivating yet, I don’t know what’s wrong with you.) Normally sold as sqaures (see top photo), there are now also bacon-like strips and also rectangular pieces too. The chicken version of bakkwa is shaped like coins. If you ever stop over in Singapore or Malaysia and other places, there are Bee Cheng Hiang stores around the place. If you’re in transit in Singapore but don’t want to venture out into the heat, head over to Terminal 2 (airside - after immigration) to the area near the koi ponds/Guardian pharmacy/Starbucks and you’ll be able to pick up these delicious pieces of mouth-watering meat for the same price as you would outside.

Asian Food Time: Laksa

What I would give to eat some authentic Singaporean Laksa… Oh wait, I will be~~ ^^. Laksa is a spicy soup made from chili, onion, galangal, belacan, lemongrass, candlenuts, garlic, and tumeric all ground up and formed into a paste, and fried off then combined with coconut milk to create the laksa soup. The noodles, veggies, fishball, and prawn are then cooked through and served nice and hot.