Drug addicts

People see drug addicts as scum of the earth, dirty homeless people who have no use for society. Disposable.
I started off using codeine for medical reasons. When I’d get suicidal I’d take 20 some pills.
This escalated to cocaine, DMT, oxycontin, benzos, etc…
It started cause I lost the love of my life. It started cause I got my heart broken and I couldn’t deal with the pain.
Sure, it can be used to feel good. But 98% of addicts use them to fill some sort of hole inside them. Heartbreak, loss, abandonedment, abuse, mental or physical problems. Whatever it is, I guarantee you they started because the pain was too unbearable to fight it alone.
All of us, we are, or once was, just a lost person in pain, ready to give up.
And were still like that. We’ve trapped ourselves in a paradise we had found. Some people want out. Some people don’t. Some people don’t see the dangers of popping oxycontin all day. Some people think its the only possible way to solve all their problems.
Cause to us, its a safe haven. Its safe here, theres no fighting back, or frustration or fear. We go to find our peace.
But like I said, we’ve trapped ourselves in ‘paradise’
So next time you meet a drug addict, think about why, before you assume they’re no good.