Abandoned Obese Maine Coon Cat Goes on a Weight Loss Program with the Help of His Newly Adopted Human

King Leo, a beautiful but obese Maine Coon cat, was found abandoned in early August, trapped in his carrier on the side of a road in Nashville, Tennessee. Now rescued, King Leo is currently undergoing a weight loss program with his newly adopted human, vet tech LaTisha Lampley.
The ten-year-old cat was taken to Metro Animal Care and Control and then transported to Cat Shoppe Rescue where he received care. Owner and veterinary technician LaTisha Lampley, 34, adopted King Leo after caring for him at Animalia Health and Wellness. King Leo had over 2lbs of fur shaved off of him, and is undergoing water treadmill sessions to build strength and lose weight. LaTisha and her family are monitoring his caloric intake and incorporating playtime exercises in their home in Spring Hill, Tennessee.

Photos by ©King Leo - Text by Laughing Squid


After Us by Cornelius Dämmrich

It’s not unreasonable to believe that once humans succeed in wiping each other out, that our animal and cybernetic friends (this is the future, remember… whether distant or not too far off) would remain to scour the pieces, finding life to be just as suitable as it was before we decided to feed them and pick up their poops.

Artist: Behance / DeviantArt / Website

Friendly Reminder: Up until Jo died in ‘Abandon All Hope’, Dean used a double-barrel, break-action, sawn-off. 

After she died, he used a Winchester Model 1887, lever-action.

My point? The Winchester 1887 is the gun Jo was using right before she died. 

That’s right. Dean uses the 1887 in memory of her.