mothi the moth adventurer tagged me in a 20 beautiful people thing!!! tysm lucaaa❤️

I don’t really like tagging a bunch of people in these things so I’ll just tag a few of my beautiful buds!
guardiansofthegalxxy 🌸 funashi 🌸 mintiel 🌸 vincerise 🌸 demigxddess 🌸 juuzoucore
please please let me know if you’re not comfortable being called beautiful aa

  • Saga:Currently working on preproduction of a new song where during the hook, Show will sing while hugging a fan.
  • Show:(。´╹A╹`。)
  • Show:Saga is putting his heart into arranging songs that I wrote for Ginga no Oto. Songs that'll really bring it during lives.
  • Saga:There's only three hooks in the song, so I guess he'll only be able to hug three people.
  • Fan posting a comic scene of hundreds of people bowing their heads in prayer:And all the other fans will gather together and gaze at them in envy...
  • Show:Ah--uh-huh.....
  • Fan, posting another comic page of a character saying "Eh? I'm gonna cut you...":If there's only 3, the jealousy factor in the fans will multiply...!
  • Show:Th-that's true...
  • Show:This is just a typical Saga joke, guys.
  • Show:There was this one time a long time ago when tension was so high during a live that when Saga came up behind me and hugged me he practically strangled me.
  • twitter, 15.5.29

um i hope im not late to the party but here is a Quick Thing i hope u like it (///▽///)ノ

(sorry if sthn is wrong i know nothing abt piercings)

this is so good omG!!!!! aaa shes so cute…..;V; i absolutely luv it, thank u so much! she looks so spunky, her expression is amazing and i love the choices of piercings nd locations!! <33