This last week, we did an exercise that is very basic… but I was surprised at how much it helped.  Anyone who has done a drawing class has broken the object they’re drawing down into the basic shapes, and gone from there.  To be honest, I didn’t think it would help that much, and I was even more terrified as we had to draw from a female model which I seem to be having a lot of trouble drawing. 

I did a quick gesture to get an idea of the body position, made the body of cubes and cylinders, and combined them all… and I wasn’t dissatisfied!  It was the fastest I had ever drawn a person, much less a female, and I didn’t want to pull out my hair!  It was such a satisfying feeling!  It was the encouragement I needed to keep going.

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UPDATE: Just received an offer from Florida State

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Finally finished! My final project at Academy of Art University for my lighting class:  A disney inspired clothing line (aka Disneybound) that can be worn by anyone for any occasion. 

(More images and higher res files here)

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The final assignment for my Figure Modeling class was to sculpt a Fantasy Head, so what better series is there to choose from than League of Legends?

Here is Panda Annie, the Dark Child!

I won’t have photos of her fired form until she’s done her time in the kiln, but I think she looks pretty good already. I can’t wait to see her final form when I go back to school next semester!