I lied there will be two pages next week, and then one page the week after.  Well, we’re almost done with chapter two!  And then the long hiatus hhhhh but anyway yeah look who finally showed up.

Positioning Jake and Danny in the same panel is really hard hhhhHEIGHT DIFFERENCESSSS

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UUUUUUUGH sorry I totally forgot to post this I JUST got home like an hour ago after four hectic days all over Florida.  BUT I am done now, spring break is over, and it’s back to the daily grind.  I did not, unfortunately, get to work on this comic, and so the very long hiatus is beginning now.  I can’t tell you when exactly the comic will return but it could be anywhere from end of March to mid-April.  We’ll have to see - I have about three commissions still to do before I can even begin sketching chapter three.

In the meantime, in order to continue posting content, you are more than welcome to submit fanart or other fancontent to this blog!  If I get anything during the week I will post it all each Saturday.  Please include your username and a link back to your blog in the description so proper credit is given where it is due.  That’s it!  Thank you to everyone reading this comic and supporting it.  Hope to see you back for the third and final chapter!

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Alright, here we go!  First three pages of the Age-Accurate Secret Trio comic!  I realized too late that each “page” has like a max of four panels so some updates might be kinda lame hhhhhh but I digress, lemme just get into this update cuz it’s gonna be the biggest

If you haven’t read on the blog already, I mentioned that my first priority is to actually finish this thing, and in order to do that, I had to sacrifice some quality.  The backgrounds are gonna be lazily drawn and colored and paneling is bad and all in all it’s pretty sloppy, but I hope that doesn’t take too much away from it!

Page one is pretty obviously lazily done, especially those cars.  They weren’t there at first but I wanted to kinda show that school was over instead of just having the characters saying it so yeah.  Also this was my first time drawing Howard and I’m still not good at drawing Randy gomen omfg

Page two I have to explain because holy shit.  In an episode of Danny Phantom we see Danny come across a Phantom comicbook, and it’s never mentioned again.  I like to believe it’s still going on nearly ten years later, but it’s very unpopular cuz it’s melodramatic and horrible but also really inaccurate, and all of Danny’s friends use it to make fun of him ehehe

Page three is just more of me not being good at drawing Randy oh well but I had a lot of fun drawing Bucky’s monster form aaa




I’m going on a hiatus so I can finish all of Chapter 2.  I’m halfway done with it at the moment but I have other art projects to work on before Christmas so it may be like two or three weeks before Chapter 2 starts posting.  That said, hang on for the next chapter and thanks for reading this one! There’s gonna be three chapters in total.  (Psst also this comic is completely free and I don’t get any money from it and I have been devoting all my free time to it so yeah if you wanna give me some moneys or something my PayPal is beccadeprisco@yahoo.com QwQ)

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Another short page hhhh I’ll work on filling the pages better next chapter.  I’m thinking of starting the sketches today while I have no obligations qwq/  Not much to say about this page except that despite the laziness, I kinda like it

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