You my friend are a strange sort of brilliance, sometimes you fascinate me, most times you just make me smile that there could be someone who knows how to bend English in a way to actually make you sigh.
—  Aarthy, giving me one of the best compliments ever, after reading one of my poems
keep yourself in a big cage

I sent Eric a series of jackassy texts on Friday.

Here is proof:  


Everyone always assumes that bizarre texts are a result of auto-correct. So I thought it would be a fun joke to deliberately send some oblique-but-possibly-real messages and escalate their weirdness. I figured Eric would have to know I was joking and hilarity would ensue.

That’s not what happened.

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  • Aarthy:i actually, look more cartoony ,goes with my personality
  • TylerKnott:I think I look cartoony too, HUGE nose, big feet, big ears
  • Aarthy:i'm the opposite of you, we are the cartoon opposites
  • TylerKnott:We are...yin and yang
  • Aarthy:We need a shirt...or a tattoo...or a chocolate...OR a hot air balloon
  • TylerKnott:I think a tattoo of a chocolate hot air balloon.

This week on your favorite Brooklyn Nine-Nine podcast: Amy. Jake. Dayquil. Longshoremen. COWS. And thumbs. We can’t forget the thumbs.

We deliberately cover everything but the shipping first, and then linger on the shipping for basically FOREVER. You guys will like that. 

We also have a couple sidebars about Die Hard, cows, thumbs, and Aarthi (me) brags at length at some point about predicting some of the direction of the show.

But yeah, it’s mostly about shipping.

Shoutouts: myparade and Marshall Boone, whom we heart.

Last, just as a heads up, we’ll be on hiatus after the 19 December episode until mid-January at least. 

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We love Ann Taylor’s Changemakers series because it highlights extraordinary women with skyrocketing careers, and their latest feature is especially exciting because it brings together not one, but three Small Girls clients, LumoidAnn Taylor and PRIV!

As the CEO & founder of Lumoid, Aarthi Ramamurthy is such an inspiration, from her work with Xbox and Netflix, to singlehandedly launching a company (which you can read about in her interview), she’s truly an example of an Ann Taylor Changemaker.

At her photoshoot in Brooklyn, PRIV provided a professional makeup artist and hairstylist to help enhance Aarthi’s natural, everyday look.

We are so excited to be sharing this amazing collab, at Small Girls we love being able to connect our friends, clients, & brands, and this was a perfect example of that.

See the full piece on Aarthi here


A Festival of Fall Color

Thank you all for making the Fall Festival a truly fun filled and eventful day. We’d like to thank from the bottom of our heart all the teachers, teacher assistants, volunteers and the support staff for making it happen.

 Thank you Mrs. Mathew for your guidance and continued support. We would like to acknowledge all the Fall Committee members for their cooperation, dedication, and tireless efforts.Thank you Lona, Doreen, Linda, Antonette, Usha, Neelam, Marian, Anandhi, Inba and Fely.

A special thanks to Huda and Geetha, Aarthi and her team of teacher assistants and volunteers, the fund-raising committee, Ravi and his team, and the Technology group. Also, a special mention to all the volunteers for games from the High School and the team of High school student Council members.

Big thank you to Jayanthi for updating food orders, Faye and Cristelle for photography, and to all the teachers. We appreciate every person that helped make this event fabulous!

If we didn’t work together like a swarm of bees, we would have never achieved success as sweet as honey. Thanks for an excellent job, Fall Festival Team!

In today’s episode of your favorite Brooklyn Nine-Nine podcast, Carl and Aarthi talk about Beyonce, Olympic sports, bottle episodes, Leverage, and alternate versions of this episode, both real and imagined.

Note: Aarthi mis-identifies Luke del Tredici, who wrote this episode, as the writer of Unsolveable. What she really means is Undercover.

Note II: This episode suffered a number of technical difficulties, hence its lateness to the party.

This is STUPIDLY LATE but I finally pulled my life together and got this edited. 

Shoutouts: myparade, fergaliciousdef, Marshall Boone, RIck Page, and to my personal friends Eric and Henry for their insight into bottling day. 

I really feel like y’all have listened to half of this episode already because we kept referencing the conversation in Podcast Episodes 30 and 31. 

Anyway: we’re sorry this was late! Hope it lives up to the hype. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi, on the subject of menstruation which you've been posting about recently, the protocol in my family is that we're allowed to take part in puja etc BUT we can't take vibhuti out of the container ourselves, touch Bhagawan's feet on any pictures or statues, touch anyone else's prasad or wave the the diya for aarthi - until the 4th day (or after) of our period & we've washed out hair. Not sure why there's this tradition, but it's the way my mother & the women before her were brought up.

Yeah - my family is a bit similar but it’s simply no religious activities at all until the 5th day 



wedding thoughts have been pushed aside, by my handsome lovely husband to be.

He took the tv, and him and his roommate are bunking with other classmates and they are to watch the ‘mother of all matches’ - India vs. Pakistan at FOUR AM on Wednesday!

Anyway, watch the above clip to get into the moood…

I….bleed blueeeeee!!! by association :P

Hello everyone! Welcome my exchange student channel. My name is Aarthi, and I am a Rotary Youth Exchange student, outbound 2015-2016. At the moment I don’t k…


Ok, now that I have screamed my victory to the internet, I can tell everyone to check out my channel if you are interested in viewing vlogs about my exchange student experience. Many more videos to come… if my computer cooperates… bad computer. 

In today’s release of your favorite Brooklyn Nine-Nine podcast, we’re going off-book — it’s free-form jazz up in the podcast! Carl and Aarthi chat about the season’s arc, Jake and Charles’s no-nos for each other, Rosa and Holt’s perfect accord, and speculate on what the future (i.e. 2015) will bring in terms of B99 goodness.

There’s a lot of spoilers for future press releases and we welcome all our (hopefully) new listeners from The A.V. Club. Check out the article here: www.avclub.com/tvclub/brooklyn-n…e-stakeout-212994

Last, we’ll be on hiatus until January 8th — check us out when we get back. Enjoy the holidays, and Happy New Year to our listeners! We couldn’t keep doing this without you. :)

We’re on hiatus as of this posting! We’ll be shutting down our askbox in a few hours, and we’re taking a much-needed break. Between the podcast and the job, things have been really hectic, and holiday-time is a good time for us to take some time, get some perspective, and recharge. We can’t wait to see everyone when we come back in 2015!

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From both of us, to all of you: Happy holidays everyone, and have a great (and safe!) new year. ♥

In this week’s episode of your favorite Brooklyn Nine-Nine podcast, Aarthi and Carl break down why Doug Judy is the worst, speculate on the ramifications of the Giggle Pig arc concluding, do a bunch of semi-spoilery speculation, and bring you some feel-good jamz. (Okay, maybe not so much that last one.)

We actually cut out a huge swath from the end because it was (a) off-topic, and (b) kinda boring/disturbing? There’s also a long discussion of romance novels that I cut out, which I may reintegrate as bloopers during the break. 

Just a friendly reminder: we’ll be on hiatus from 20 December until 9 January, when we’ll release Episode 34 / coverage for 212. Our ask box will be shut for most of that time, also, so if you wanna drop us a note, you’ll have to tag your post bitfpodcast or send us an email — backinthefieldpodcast at gmail

Notably, Carl and I don’t care for Doug Judy, which puts us in opposition with basically ever other critic of the show that I’ve seen (most notably: AV Club and Sepinwall) who spoke at length about this episode. But damn, I loved Jake’s 90s rap album cover look. 

Last, sorry if I (Aarthi) sound awful. My entire body had dry mouth. 

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