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I’ve reached the point in the day when the only email notifications I’m getting are from the few remaining lists I haven’t unsubscribed from yet. Sometimes solicited email can make your day, though.

I went to lunch at Dairy Queen and got a $5 burger basket with a free sundae. I looked around and noticed I was the only person in the restaurant unable to take advantage of the senior citizen discount.

It’s taken me all day to listen to this rarities collection from The Doors. Music Nazi coworker had nothing to say until the Skillrex remix came on, and then I was ready to slam my head on my desk.

A new sign is going up at work that I designed and it has made me feel unexpectedly proud. I’ve been taking pictures all day.

I didn’t play ball at lunch, and I’m so glad. I’m ditching my sneakers for now, maybe forever, and I can practically feel my feet thanking me.

The place where I get my hair cut is closed so I can’t get a haircut and I was bummed. Then I found out that the owner shut down the business because she has cervical cancer and can’t work. And I realized my priorities were all out of whack.

I thought this was going to be an easy list. Ain’t nothin’ easy.

No one can sing with Parkinson’s disease. No matter how hard you try.
—  Rock star Linda Ronstadt • Talking to AARP about her bout with Parkinson’s disease, which was only officially diagnosed about eight months ago despite evidence that she suffered from the conditions for seven or eight years. Why’s that? Ronstadt thought the symptoms, which affected her mobility and her singing voice, were the result of a tick bite and a serious shoulder injury she received. As a result, she held off going to a specialist about the issue. Ronstadt, who retired from music in 2011, says she “can’t sing a note” these days.

Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan was loudly and repeatedly booed by members of the AARP on Friday after he pledged to repeal President Barack Obama’s health care reform law.

“The first step to a stronger Medicare is to repeal Obamacare,” Ryan said, pausing as the audience in New Orleans booed and shouted, “No!”

“I had a feeling there would be mixed reaction,” the candidate said, but the booing continued. “It weakens Medicare for today’s seniors and puts it at risk for the next generation.”

That, too, was met with audible groans and jeers.

“It funnels $716 billion out of Medicare to pay for a new entitlement that we didn’t even ask for,” Ryan insisted.

“No!” people shouted.

h/t: David Edwards at The Raw Story

Personal Work | Looks Can Be Deceiving.
This was an idea I had for an AARP article I worked on awhile back that didn’t quite make the cut. I really liked the rough drawing I did at the time so as a personal project, I went ahead and made it up anyways! The article was a buyer beware piece that had to do with reputation and how the smaller businesses that set up kiosks under the roof of a larger corporation pay to be there - piggybacking the umbrella reputation, not always upholding the same policies and customer service. I went for the wolf in sheeps clothing sort of solution.

Experimenting for something slightly more punchy and sophisticated these days and just trying to loosen up a bit.