aarmitage replied to your post:i finally decide to watch avatar and its not on…

It’s on British Netflix!!! Just get Hola (hola.org) as a Chrome extension, and then switch it on to a UK VPN option. :)

you absolute goddess

also on a completely unrelated note, in my dream last night we were talking about going to a bar, and you were like, I can’t I’m not 21, and I was like what how are you younger than me? and then you were like, I’m 16 and I screamed a lot in my dream and didn’t realize it wasn’t real until halfway through my day

aairbenderaang asked:

Dear past me!

Dear past me,

Why. What are you doing. Please stop everything. You need to learn some things about empathy and being nice to people and you know, not being a moody bitch all the time. Just because you’re obsessed with a ridiculous idea of perfection doesn’t mean all your friends are. Also, you better be fucking grateful your friends have stuck with you for so long despite your horrible personality. You also probably smell or something. And please stop thinking you’re hot shit. You’re not, you’re not the smartest, hottest, or coolest person in the world. Get in touch with yourself more, and love you parents and friends more. And don’t apply to colleges solely based on their reputation. That’s dumb.