Apple, Google, and Microsoft offer all three things: devices, platforms, and services. But each has a different starting point. With Apple it’s the device. With Microsoft it’s the platform. With Google it’s the services.

And thus all three companies can brag about things that only they can achieve. What Cook is arguing, and which I would say last week’s WWDC exemplified more so than at any point since the original iPhone in 2007, is that there are more advantages to Apple’s approach.

Or, better put, there are potentially more advantages to Apple’s approach, and Tim Cook seems maniacally focused on tapping into that potential.
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Some of Silicon Valley’s biggest names, like Apple’s Steve Jobs and Google’s Eric Schmidt, were directly involved in a wage-fixing agreement between their companies. That’s according to analysis of confidential internal Google and Apple memos reviewed and published by the news site PandoDaily. They found that it wasn’t just Google and Apple who were guilty, but dozens of other tech companies were also involved, affecting the salaries of more than a million employees.


Over on Yahoo Tech, they’ve a post up titled 15 Wacky and Wild iPhone Cases but one in particular is anything but wacky and nothing less than AWESOME!

In particular, the Prong PocketPlug Case has a wall plug built into it.

Let me say that again, IT HAS A WALL PLUG BUILT IN!

This is sublime and inspired genius for anyone who has ever stumbled about on low battery searching in desperation for someone, anyone who might happen to have an iPhone plug and be generous enough to allow you to monopolize it for an hour or two.

Source: 15 Wild and Wacky iPhone Cases


Apple has already released its 2nd update to its new iOS 8 operating system. What’s working, what’s not.

i-am-the-last-timelord said:

Hey I have an iPhone 4 and am considering upgrading to the 5s (I just saw your post in the 5s tag) and was wondering how it turned out. Do you like the phone? Do you think I should get one? Thanks :)

Hello stranger.

If you can afford it, then go for it. It’s been less than 24 hours, but the increased speed is noticeable every time I touch the phone. The only thing I don’t like is that the sleep/wake button and the volume buttons are a little too “clicky” and the sleep/wake button rattles when you shake the phone, but from what I can tell, that’s been an issue going all the way back to the iPhone 5.

*Full disclosure: I’m an AAPL shareholder (so whatever you buy, make sure it’s a 64GB model).


Why on earth would you want a phablet!

#BendGate: How far does the iPhone 6 bend - and should I still buy one? 
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#BendGate: It’s actually exactly what it sounds like
We don’t need to waste much time explaining what #BendGate is, you’ve been on the internet today so you already know that some iPhone 6 users are complaining that their phones BEND.

But how did they make this discovery, how far does the iPhone bend, and should you avoid buying an iPhone 6 at all costs?

We answer all these burning questions.

How far does it bend?
It bends by about 3 degrees, right where the volume buttons are. Below you can see a graphical representation of this.


Happy Birthday Mac!

Tomorrow (January 24) marks the 30th birthday of the revolutionary Apple Macintosh computer.

Here’s to the GUI, Mouse, MacPaint & the 1984 commercial. All hinting at Steve Jobs bountiful genius.

Check out the rest of these wonderful photos taken by the fine folks at Reuters and collected on Yahoo Finance.

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