Babby's First Powerlifting Meet

I competed in the AAPF Raw Open 90 kg class. The night before, I was going to try to get from 83.3 kg to 82.5 kg. Now keep in mind that this was my first powerlifting meet, so I originally planned to just do whatever. But I decided to just try a 1 kg cut for the hell of it, because if I got it, then I’d move down from the 90 kg weight class to the 82.5 kg weight class. I didn’t even realize I was at 83.3 kg because the scales at my home are just generally bad.

I weighed in at 82.6 kg. Oops.

Here are my lifts:

My squat and deadlift are progressing pretty good, but my bench press is not really where I’d like it. More paused reps, and just more upper body stuff will help, I think. 5/3/1 hasn’t been terribly good for my bench press, so I’ll probably move to Smolov Jr. or the GZCL method.

Thanks to jevanses, bikesbrainsbetterlivingsnorlaxismyspiritanimalsophrosyneandliftfulltimeillin, Joe, and Brent for being there! surge-to-new-levels and iron-princess dropped by on the previous day, so they didn’t get to see me lift, but it was great to see them around supporting Illini Powerlifting!


I don’t have much to say about this meet, except that it was exciting to perform this well (and I go on to talk about it in detail anyway, muwahaha).  I went 9/9 with very smart attempt choices (and perhaps some lucky ones).It’s obvious that cube is doing wonders for my deadlift (watch 259 lbs float like a warm up) and I will stay on it for the foreseeable future. 

There are only two things that went wrong in this meet: (1) water loading didn’t seem to do dick, as I weighed in at 142.2 lbs (64.4 kg official weight), which is very close to Monday morning’s weight of 143.4 lbs.  I tried not being as strict on the day before the meet with regards to eating like I was last time, to my obvious detriment.  And (2) the lift-off dude assigned to our platform, though a nice dude overall, practically threw my first bench attempt at me.  It just kept travelling until the spotters realized what was happening, though I didn’t have to defend myself or say anything because the judges immediately got on his ass about rough lift offs, and they let me repeat immediately after.  The lift offs were fine after that.  Actually, after watching my first bench, I’m surprised I wasn’t red lighted because I barely allowed time for the press command.  I fixed that on #2 and 3.

Just… everything felt great.  I wanted to squat 127.5 kg and I squatted it.  I wanted to deadlift 127.5 kg and I fucking deadlifted it.  And I wanted to get a real PR on my bench (not a repeat) for the first time in over a year.  I got all-time personal records on all of my lifts and I took home best female lifter for AAPF raw.  My squat beats out any existing AAPF raw records in any weight class.  They gave me a samurai sword.

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248# deadlift and PR!!! Not bad for my first powerlifting competition and being sick last week. #sohappy #deadlift #powerlifting #powerlifter #girlswhopowerlift #pr #apf #aapf (at Rich East High School)

Got all 3 lifts and hit a new PR…2nd place both APF and AAPF! #motivationforfitness #marines #muscleandhealth #militarymuscle #militaryfitness #usmc #xtremotivation #teamhercules #hardwork #instafit #ig_fitness_freak #igfitness #instagrambodybuilding #ig_fittest #getfit #gymalpha #fitspo #fit #fitness #fitfam #fitnessfreak #fitfaminstagram #fitlife #fitnessaddict #flex by mikeyk_fit
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Walk away with 2nd place in both APF and AAPF submasters!!!! #motivationforfitness #marines #muscleandhealth #militarymuscle #militaryfitness #usmc #xtremotivation #teamhercules #hardwork #instafit #ig_fitness_freak #igfitness #instagrambodybuilding #ig_fittest #getfit #gymalpha #fitspo #fit #fitness #fitfam #fitnessfreak #fitfaminstagram #fitlife #fitnessaddict #flex by mikeyk_fit
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