I faint when I see following usernames on my dash:

imzyzia, maayavi, reminii, daydreamerforever, iktaraiktara, perdimenticare, naadanmasakalli, bavaaneh, chameli, dhadkan, zhoobi-dhoobi-senorita, infinite-dreams-xo, yaybasanti, tanhayee, aaohuzoor, dhannonaammera, vinyaya, jillundruorukadhal, rangeelaa, the-don-slake-sama, sepiarainbows, chewingshahrukh, innocent-sorcerers, meri-zindagi, kajal

and many more.

I am totally unstable everytime I log out my tumblr tbh.


I actually wasn’t expecting them to go as fast as they did, to be quite honest.

Don’t worry if you weren’t able to get one this time.

I do hope to do another one of these give-a-ways again soon, with a brand new RA.One set! (And hopefully a lot more to… like 25 or so. I just wasn’t sure how big the demand would be this time around - but I guess it’s big!)

But for now, here’s a list of the lucky recipients:

  • ra-one (G.One and Sonia keyring)
  • aaohuzoor (G.One and Sonia keyring)
  • adireadire (G.One and Sonia keyring)
  • irandeniz (G.One and Sonia keyring)
  • gumlover (G.One and Sonia keyring)
  • ek-taara (G.One and Sonia keyring)
  • meryamasrk (G.One keyring)
  • srkjuhi (Sonia keyring)

Congrats to you guys! Thanks everyone!