the-avatar-alchemist [8%] (TAI TAI YOU WOULD BE ON TOP)

thenarutofandom [6%] (great naruto blog<3)

aangalicious [5%] (you shouldn’t even be here jen gross)

narutouzukami [4%] (she loves sakura, you should follow :D, amazing blog)

y0ndaime-hokage[4%] (ooo sarah look at you so kawaii)

sifuaang [3%] (amazing!! blog!!)

fuckyeahharuno [3%] (the url says it all)

holyasami [3%] (great blog)

sheptsoni [3%] (amazing gamer blog!<3) 

CHRIS IM SORRY I CHANGED MY ICON BU JEN SAID THAT I USED YOU FOR MAKING A CHRISTMAS ICON AND I WAS LIKE “no didn’t shes nice she did it cuz shes nice and she loves me” AND THEN JEN WAS LIKE LIES UR JUST LAZY and i was like “no im not” AND THEN SHE GOES “then make u own icon and dont make others do shit for you” AND SO I MADE ON CUZ SHES A MEAN PERSON 


 said: SAME i cant keep up with all these changes

for real tho! i have work and shit, and i usually ask my boss (cuz she cool af) if i can get friday off and shes like sure kat cuz i usually hv someone to go in for me before it was a different time now its this, it might get moved to nicktoons i mean what is happenin