Happy Saturday! Don’t we all just love Saturday, and time to upload some more art, honestly today I just picked one from my art folder on my computer that isn’t up yet, at random. I need to photograph some more of them and put them in the folder for future Saturday’s. But anyway, this is Percy And Annabeth’s date from the Staff of Hermes, I have loads of issues with this one personally, but it was my first time using ink and watercolor so I think as a first attempt I must have done quite well.

Happy Saturday! I’m late again, I admit it, I forgot. But whatever, um, I think this one is pretty old, ‘cause it was the earliest in my current sketchbook; maybe a number of months. It’s a scene from HIVE book 7, Aftershock, by Mark Walden, which is a very enjoyable book - if a little messed up, the newest one, Deadlock, is just depressing and really scary.

Fun-fact, I was re-reading the books at the time, but hadn’t got far enough, and got really confused at exactly how everything was happening in this scene when I read it, as such it has many flaws: the background is wrong, some of them are probably dressed incorrectly, they might supposed to be kneeling, ect, and don’t get me started on how bad some of the detail is. Looking at it now, where my skills are way beyond this, the amount of mistakes and poor drawing and ink lines in the wrong place is horrible.

Well, at least I’m improving.


Happy Saturday! And I’ve got a new personal best for being late! Yes, really sorry, but I was working on a HUGE project today and lost the time, you will see said project in weeks to come I think and I’m so exited to show you.

But anyway, FINALLY got round to this, the drawing I did for Chris Colfer is at the top, and as a bonus + apology for lateness, these are the pictures from the signing. If you didn’t know, me and my 2 glee/Chris obsessed friends went to his signing in London a couple weeks back and he is THE SWEETEST guy on the planet. See our numbers there, on our hands? I’m 134, and the paper is something I did about an hour after we arrived. We literally slept in the shopping centre, on the floor, all night (or we tried to sleep) just to meet him. That picture at the bottom is about an hour before the signing actually started, and the line was so long we couldn’t see the end all the way around the railings. It was insane, maybe like 600-1000 people or more when Chris actually arrived.

But it was amazing and for someone as amazing as Chris Colfer I’d do it again.

And he called me Honey and my friend Sweetheart and he is SOOOO sweet I just adore him. We also gave him a llama t-shirt with Kuzco on it, the design is the last picture

Happy Saturday! Yeah happy Saturday you guys, as is probably obvious I decided to post something a bit different this week, the result of boredom a while ago and a gel pen. I don’t know how much of those little things you can make out but I remember is wrapped round my arm when I did it.

Parents thought it was scary

Cousin thought it was cool

Aunty said next time, use paper

Happy Saturday! Happy, happy Saturday, today is officially designated Madi’s lazy day, ‘cause I’ve been revising every day for freakin’ for ages and I’m tired. And tomorrow, I’m going to have been in a line for ages, as I am going with friends to meet Chris Colfer in London… those fans are INSANE, some people are there already, maybe they got the date wrong.

Anyway, this week’s drawing is from a book called Legend by Marie Lu, which I read a few months ago and really enjoyed, it’s very well written and clever, I recommend it, especially to fans of the Hunger Games. This is the main character June and the other main character might be next week’s drawing. I’m not sure, what do you guys think? Ooh, idea, okay, reblog this with a comment on what to upload next week, and I’ll pick one of the suggestions and draw it, if not I’ll go with the other main character. Enjoy your weekend guys!


Happy Saturday! Yeah I forgot but that’s ‘cause my life has become pretty busy the last couple days, long story.

But in celebration of the beginning of the winter months (except I hate winter, too cold. Whatever.) I thought I’d show you guys my snow sculpture form last year. I did an owl and dedicated him to Athena, it ended up in the paper! (Thanks Mum)

What should I do this year guys? I haven’t got a good idea yet, I need one before it starts snowing.

But wait there’s more, (never saying that again either, right along with stay tuned) it is not only Saturday, it’s the first of the month, the other time I’ll be uploading art. Happy June 1st everybody and welcome to what I hope will be a brilliant summer month, school’s out and sunglasses on - and my little brother turns 15, here’s hoping it’s finally time for him to grow up, and onto the drawing. I again wanted a different fandom up here, this is actually my only Hunger Games drawing that I like enough to put up, I should draw it more (and I will), newer, though Katniss’s eye annoys me ‘cause it wrong, and the watercolour accidentally got on Peeta but hey - enjoy this drawing and your month ;)

Happy Saturday!

This is a wolf I drew a few years ago, see I’d drawn a squirrel for this barmy girl who used to sit next to me in history, and a different barmy girl who was a friend in my form asked me to draw a wolf, my teacher I remember was impressed when he saw it.

I rarely draw animals, maybe I should give drawing a bear a go, I like bears. Or an owl, I’m obsessed with owls.

Happy Saturday! And welcome to the Christmas month you guys, much excitement!

Do you remember my cracks in the wall? Well here is another, it’s like a village built in the trees, which has always been an idea I’ve loved.

I must photograph a lot of new stuff and put it on my computer.

Yeah, see you next week guys

Happy Saturday! Okay, I feel like I’ve been on an art hiatus forever, so I’m going to try and get back to this with another old drawing of mine.

As a mini rage WHAT THE HECK!??!?!?!?!!!!! Cause last nights Korra was EVIL I SAY EVIL!!!! YOU CAN’T END IT THERE!!!!

Sorry, but seriously what the hell Bryke. Anyway, this is my own probending team cause probending is the coolest thing ever, I designed the with the intention of writing a whole comic for them but I haven’t got round to that, the drawing is pretty old and part of my watercolour-and-felt pen phase. However, y’all may be pleased to hear I’ve actually been drawing quite a bit lately, so I’m gonna try and post my newer stuff for a bit and finish this “old drawings” collection after.

Have a great Saturday you guys and if you missed my art, I love you for that and I’m sorry

Happy Saturday! Gods, I’m so embarrassed, ‘cause I totally and completely forgot….

Sorry, but here’s some art. This is a sort of series, I call them Cracks in the Wall, and they’re so much fun to do.

That project I mentioned, might be up very soon.

I’m going to try and figure out the queue thing, as I will be away for a few few now, I’m going on The Challenge next week, but I’ll try to keep up my every Saturday promise thing.