You know someone really impacted your life when you didnt even meet them once yet you still cry over their death. RIP Freddy , gone but never forgotten. Why you left us? We’ll never know. But i hope youre alot happier than you were when you were down here.


"Hey, be careful with the ring!"

"Just stop being so freaking sentimental over that toy you won in the amusement park already!" Su Ji snapped. She tried to scratch her head out of frustration, only to stop her hands in midair after realizing that she fixed her hair in a bun. “You’ve had that ring for how many years now? Ten years, Myungsoo! Ten stupid years!"

"And why do you care?" Myungsoo shot back. “You don’t know anything about Jiyeon and I—"

"But do you know anything about Jiyeon now?" she cut in. “Ever since you returned from the States a couple of years ago were you able to get a hold of her? Stop holding onto worthless things, Doctor. She ditched you!

Tbh one of the main factors in me wanting to cosplay Sakura is that she doesn’t wear a skirt

so the reason my mind is rapidly deteriorating is because i have a research paper due monday that i still have not started and i thought if i stayed at school over the weekend i could get it done

it is saturday

i’ve been up for about twelve hours 

i have made a couple of very short lists of points to include in my paper

but mostly i have scrolled through tumblr and read good omens and decided to stop using soap and shampoo and worn paper clips as earrings

i hate myself

Watch on

anonymous said:

I was wondering if you could recommend creepy horror movies? Gore is ok, but I like to be scared!

  • Grave Encounters!!
  • the first Paranormal Activity 
  • the concept of the first 2 (and last) Final Destinations creeped me out a bit and I liked that they tied together
  • Eli Roth films!! like Hostel 1&2 and Cabin Fever, lots of gore in those. more make-you-cringe than super scary
  • The Ring
  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies are always good!
  • Sinister
  • The Strangers
  • and I dig the Saw movies as well, the first few more than the last
  • aaannd the Hannibal movies!! like Silence of the Lambs and Red Dragon

tubachan27 said:

OOH BAND CAMP STORY. so I'm pretty good at jazz running, since I'm short and I've had to do it more often than other people. but during band camp, my legs were really really sore. so we were learning a set and I just couldn't make my dot. I kept pushing myself to jazz run more but I just couldn't do it. aaannd one runthrough my legs were like "lol nope" and I just. plopped on the ground. sousa and everything. SENIOR SECTION LEADER...JUST FELL. it was less painful and more hilarious than expected

I almost did that during a backwards marching drill, my legs were about to go “plop” and then the instructor was like “you can do it Shaianne” and they went plop later lol at waterbreak