I am officially a 10k runner now!

That’s, like, a giant milestone for me!

The farthest and longest I ever ran was 5.5k in 43min. And I only planned to do 6k today!

When I reached 3k and wanted to turn around and run back, I saw a house. When I started running I never thought I could go all the way through the forest to the next village. So I thought I’d go a little farther to the end of the path. When I reached my car again I already did 7k! And I was curious how far I could go. I felt like I couldn’t go on when I reached 9k. I really willed myself through the last kilometre and I almost had to puke on the last 100m but I did it!

I can proudly say I found my second gear!

Aaand.. I’m definitely not scared of the 5k run this Saturday anymore xD

Aaand, another commission I forgot to show. The picture was pretty low quality on the reference picture but I did my best to work around it since the person I was working with said this was a gift for a friend and that friend didn’t take a lot of selfies x3 The hair was different too so I had to make it up so sometimes my styles look more cartoonish cause, hair, I like to make it all swoopy o wo

I said I was going to camera whore my new born kittens, but instead I decided to get the best pics of all 6 of em.

Their the cutest lil munchkins in the planet (a bit exaggerated eh?) haha, their all healthy and well (getting a lil chubby), and Momma cat is doing well too. currently they are 6 days old, but this was taken on day 2, aaand they still look the same, just a bit bigger, still got their eyes closed and all haha.

I’ll be posting more updates on them soon~

So - hello to everyone, and especially the 10 people who joined me in the last 20 minutes! I’m Anna, my stories are here, my pictures are here. I have two Frozen-obsessed little girls, a dirty mind and a terrible sense of humour.

Aaand I think I’d better go and put some words in on this fanfiction that I promised everybody


Just began my classes for the quarter. Should be a pretty full work load. But I will still be contributing my fandom stuff.

sailoreuterpe's prompt for a Newmann fic-let about someone making mean comments online about Newt's weight and hurt/comfort ensuing is being written right now! I'm at about…maybe 25% right now. I haven't forgotten those!

Mapping out ideas for duvet covers featuring Newt and Hermann. Probably be pretty racy. ^_~

Aaand I still have to finish inking a comic about Newt and Hermann at the beach!

got tagged by bitchuaintkawaii and was bored so??

nice thoughts challenge
  1. i am accepting and understanding
  2. i am pretty helpful
  3. i can be rad as hecka
  4. i like learning and studying 
  5. i have endured years of physical and mental pain and torture im a fucking strong person

people i tag for the nice thoughts challenge (it should be ten):

maxcat3 , jellyfish-lover , yo-senpai , senjuri , soph-loves-you aaand i cant no more i need sleep (no you dont have to do this)


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// Soooo I’ve been a terrible roleplayer lately. Life’s been kind of stressful since I started school back up, and there’s been stressing over money and just life, and I think the stress is manifesting physically because I’ve been having ridiculous migraines and feeling shitty and tired, but!

The first of my loan checks finally processed today, and so things are going to be a bit easier. I’m also trying to get used to being in classes again, which is tough, but I think I’ve got a handle on it.

The point of this post being, I’m going to try to roleplay in the next couple days- probably this weekend or starting Friday, because I have class tomorrow and I need to clean the kitchen today and I’m going out for a bit aaand yeah. So yeah, if anyone wants to roleplay with me, like this post and I’ll write you up a small starter! ^_^

What is anatomy

ANYWAY we’ve dipped into a Spider-Man Noir AU and of course, it’s Spiderfire. Zach suggested Starfire have a bit of a steampunk look to her since she’s an alien, aaand I haven’t drawn Steampunk in forever but hopefully it looks like it enough?

She’s working in the circus for the meantime anyway as a stagehand, but once she’s outed as being really strong she’ll probably have an act of her own.