*coughs* i know its not much but here you go since you like my stuff and i like yours too so thank you nerd *coughs*






whoaa u did an smoll animation of my truely selffff!!!
whooaoa damnnn I reallly really love your animationss, they are soo smooth and so fun to look at!!!!!

whoa i cant believe i got something from you??

this was so unexpecting whooaa i had to share it with all my friends and take a minute long breath break!!!!  this is so incredibly awesome!!! aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh mannnnnnnn

i need this tattoed DAMN

thank you muchhh holy shit 


check this shit outttttttttt

anonymous asked:

aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh omg albeit being a friendship fic it was still so cuuuuuuuuuuute thanks a ton <3

No worries! It was such a cute request! (&Thanks for waiting so long for it lol) Haha~ thanks for the message ^^ always feel free to request! Have a great weekend! 💛💛💛💛