I’ve been up from 5am, went on a school trip, got several bruises, and I still look cute as shit. I’m goddess tbh

!!!!!!! I GOT MY SAI WIG !!!! i expected it around mid-june bc that’s when the estimated delivery was but it got here super quick!!! at first i was worried bc the package looked small but it turned out to be the right wig and it’s so super long and i love it!! tangles easily ofc but yknow that’s how long wigs are. bangs in front are kinda short too but i’ll make do & it’s such a nice color too!! it’s like tsukiyama’s purple aaaahh my day’s made aksdjkasfd ; v;

Dear Troyler Fandom,

We are so greatful for your generousity. Remember when we asked for some gay? Yeah. You gave us a ton of the gay. Like, WAY too much gay. But we are still very, very thankful. We don’t know how to repay you. LIKE DAN AND PHIL DANCED TO OUR ANTHEM??! WHAT MORE CAN WE ASK!!?

The Phandom ❤️


“Just a year ago I would’ve never imagined to be with Ponies again one Day…strange how Life can twist and turn sometimes, isnt it?”


(( Why HELLO THERE! :D Nice to see you all again! I’ve currently returned from Norway and had the chance to see the northern Lights! Now with a few more weeks of vacation up ahead, I finally came to finish another big update I already started a few month ago. Now I can finally focus on the next big arc, you’ve all been waiting for MONTH now. Thank you all so much for your patience and never ending support! Hope you enjoy <3 ))


And Pipsqueak and idk those bg ponies for sure have blogs as well but I DONT CARE gnight