😌GlamDollz.. Do Not Sleep This.. $1.00 “Duo Shadow” pencil by #lacolors☺️.. I got creative and used it as a lipstick pencil instead and BAM💥.. Look at how AaaaaMazing the color is😍😍.. ANNNNND the stayin power is INSANE.. Plus It gives you a 💣💣Azz Matte finish.. ANNNND for just $1.00 Yes, ONE DOLLAR🙌🙌 What more can you ask for😉.. I did show this in a recent #DollarTree haul video I did on my YouTube channel, check the bio for the link & let’s STAY CONNECTED… Visit the OFFICIAL MzGlamourAddict.com website for more Blog Posts.. I’m on YOUTUBE / FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM & TWITTER for more Beauty Alerts & FAB Frugalista Finds.. #affordablelook #affordablemakeup #affordablefinds #beauty #cosmetics #diva #Deals #DollarTree #getthedamnthing #grownwomanstyle #ilovemakeup #justsaying #lipstick #mua #makeup #productreviews #sale #TeamBeautyAddicts #TeamGawJuss #vloggerforlife #yougonnalearntoday


Since my husband left, I have not had the energy to shop, clean produce, and cook for myself. Not very good for my growing baby :/ so I signed up for Blue Apron. This thing is pretty awesome! For $50 they deliver exactly what you need for some pretty delicious looking meals. This is cool cuz then I don’t buy a pound of this and a pound of that, so I don’t have all kinds of produce rotting in my fridge. Tonight’s meal is Cuban pork sandwich with kale and plantain salad. Aaaaamazing. Loving this so far! :)

And I think Alessio really likes it, he won’t stop moving!


Snarky Puppy feat. Lalah Hathaway - Something (Family Dinner - Volume One)

She is aaaaamazing!! Beast musicians!!

fullmetalhiphop said:

Hey babe! I havent asked you anything in a while ;) I love you :3 Today was aaaaamazing :$ and i know you had a good time ;) thanks for everything, you're perfect babe :3 stay that way 5ever ♥ :*

I love you.

aaaaamazing night, hands down on of the best nights of my life 😊 I haven’t felt this happy in sucha long time omg i want to cry // danced the night away with so many people, both friends and people I didn’t even know but ugh I’m so happy right !!! // mixed feelings about this guy but whatever screw it bc if it’s meant to happen, it’ll happen so I’ll just go with whatever but I’m in utter bliss rn & I’m so tired so I’m gonna read & sleep now, goodnight!!

http://ift.tt/1xILpaj Last workout before Fiji complete 👌👟🌴 I’ve always used coconut oil for everything from cooking to skin care and Hair treatments.. It’s aaaaamazing for everything! 💕 Just recently I’ve found @lovecocooil organic skin care and had to share it with you all.. So much easier bottled.. this little baby is packed for Fiji ✈️☀️🌴 #ilovecoconuts by hannahpolites

anonymous said:

How was your day? Plans for tomorrow?

Aaaaamazing actually. I’m probably just gonna go to lunch with friends after school and yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa



4.03 x

Day 77

I got lots of goodies in the mail. Gotta post photos my its-cute purchase is aaaaamazing. So many cute cute cute stupidly cute things.

My neck is still hurting.

Oh a side note one of my employees has cancer again and I’m really sad about this. It’s stage four everywhere in her body. She’s one of the most awesome people too…..this makes my heart hurt to think about it.