I think I made the chain mail look like gray sweaters. Also Joan of Arc only looks mildly concerned about that guy trying to drag her off the horse. Spoiler alert I finished this 3 days ago but kept forgetting to post it after 8 pm and I’m too cool to schedule a post apparently. 


What I’m bringing in for THE REVIEW of the Junior Project so far… I’m feeling pretty good. The only one I feel is kinda mediocre is that Court judging one but I’m sure I’ll get a lot of suggestions for it. Also with the two variations for the burning I hope he takes my side that smoke angels are cooler than feet. I don’t like the huge jump from the vision to the king’s hall, but I didn’t want to take up a picture with Joan just making that journey with all the other stuff going on (even though I would love to draw it… be a tryhard do 9 pieces??). Hopefully my sense of security won’t be rudely destroyed by a scathing crit or demand to do them all over haha


So here’s the first part of the ~*Official*~ start of my Junior Project! Composition Studies/Thumbnails, just deciding which scenes to do (at least I hope that was the point of the assignment and not actually picking all the compositions RIGHT NOW). I used Mark Twain’s book Personal Recollections from the Life of Joan of Arc which besides being historically accurate gave lots of nice clothing descriptions and scene set ups. I think Joan of Arc’s crime was being too perfect. Because like. Seriously.

My favorite ones are any with a horse and angels, which aren’t the trial ones, which I think are supposed to be the focus. OH WELL.


This weekend’s struggle. I thought doing the colors would be easier for some reason. Gotta figure out how to make the court and dungeon a little less boring. And while doing these I realized all the things I needed to refine with the sketches! And the seige and Chinon pictures are still needing some reworking so they’re not here.


For painting class we had to do a masterstudy of a piece in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I chose Tyrolese Interior by John Singer Sargent, because I loved the expression in the faces even though they were kind of small, the way he indicated the objects in shadow, THE LIGHTING, and how it was a manageable size haha. I felt like I had finished last week, but this week I discovered that it had gotten smudged during it’s stay in the class locker, so I had to re do the faces and table, but I think it came out better in the end. The pictures have captions so you can tell which random face pic is which :)


The only ones that changes significantly this week. My teacher wanted me to try an ultra closeup with the burning on the stake thing but like. Smoke angels vs feet smoke angels always win come on. He was really insistance on me putting a banquet table in so let’s hope he likes it. Now I can print them all out since the new illustration lab gave us 100 print credits and cintiqs as far as the eye can see.


Our assignment for illustration is two pictures with the theme ‘before and after’ so little cutie kids growing up it is… finally actually consulted all of those grayscale master thumbnails I did to try to ACTUALLY MAKE VALUE STRUCTURE. And then a few hour later in drawing class our teacher dedicated the class to being about shapes since figure drawings must also work on an abstract level and I was like yeah I was just doing that YEAAHHH. Now the hard part is to actually keep this in mind while coloring…

I got into the drawing class I submitted a portfolio for!!

It’s the Illustration Chairman’s! And I got my awesome schedule with classes like ‘the science of bugs’, ‘the evolution of dinosaurs’, ‘ancient art of the near east’ and principles of Illustration with Tristan Elwell approved! AWWWW YEAAHHHHHH