200 Followers :DDDDDD

-screeching sounds- AAAAAAAAAAAAH

Thank you all so much for putting up with the BS that is my blog :DD

Later on today I will be putting together a giveaway thingy that has 3 main prizes and 3 little prizes.Most of them will be Art and Writing related cause I be broke, I’ll have details up later 

But seriously, Thank you so much. I never thought I’d get to 200  AAAAAAH

I love you all ;w;

Now that I’m back from my vacation and at my computer. I figured it’d be a good time to get back to working on prints. This is sort of me first attempt at a full painting. It took forever, and there are a ton of mistakes. Yet it will have to do because my painting skills are not that great haha. 

But this will be a print that I’ll be selling for an upcoming convention. I really need to get cracking on other prints too.

my hate is the lifeblood that pulses through the veins of your universe.