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I changed my URL and Icon for halloween/october/spooky month!!

I will revert back to my usual icon in November/once halloween ends. I just wanted to join in with spooky url + icon changes people are doing! It seems fun!

Magolor soul /マホロア ソウル is pretty spooky and fitting I guess. And the icon is just more a simple edit/redraw with the eyeball mouth w w w w.

Happy spooky month!!

anonymous said:

And all the vehicon have the exact same costume on but Breakdown can tell them all apart somehow because he's the only one who bothers to say thanks while Megatron's drunk brain decide to have a who can throw the vehicon the farthest contest

Breakdown is just the biggest cutie i can teven begin to say how adorable he is

and the poor vehicons,megatron ends up just throwing them into walls instead of actually seeing how far they can go