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‘If You Stop and Look, You Will Literally Die’: An Interview with Merritt Kopas

Talking to the editor of Videogames For Humans about why mainstream games are bad at sex, how traditional narrative structures fail women, and the weird thrill of dictatorial power.

So the name of this book is Videogames for Humans, which to me implies the question: Mainstream “AAA” games, who or what are those for?

[laughs] Well, I feel like we were just talking about this, but who has time to play a 60-hour game, right? Obviously there are some people that do, but I feel like it’s an increasingly small proportion of the total number of people that games are for. Like, who has time to play a 60-hour game? Mostly young people, mostly men with disposable income and flexible time, which, like … they sort of have been treated as the whole by the industry? And I think that’s really a shame, because the shape of games is so limited as a result. And I actually talk in the intro about how Videogames for Humans is a terrible title for this book [both laugh]—I think my publisher really liked that part. Not to say this is the alternative or the answer, just a step towards a broader range of possibilities.

Even a lot of indie games—and “indie games” itself is kind of a questionable term, but games for smartphones or on Steam or whatever, that white dude still seems to be the archetypal creator and player. I know you talk about this in the intro a bit, but could you go into the history of your own experiences playing games?

When I was super young my family was fairly economically secure, so I had a Super Nintendo. It was really dope. I mean, I think all my favourite games from the period are kind of clichéd, but there’s maybe a reason why they’re a lot of people’s favourites. But stuff like A Link to the Past, for a kid they’re these huge spaces that are impossible to understand. I think that’s probably different now, kids have access to technology younger, but for a kid in the ’90s, playing video games, you have no idea of the contours of this world that you’re exploring and it’s like this huge, confusing, unimaginable thing crammed into this little piece of plastic, which is really weird and exciting.

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anonymous asked:

Do you think fem!Bokuto will have piercings? Or a tattoo maybe?

totally! she would definitely love to wear earrings, and I could also imagine her having a bellybutton piercing

if she had a tattoo, it would definitely be something really obvious like a corny lower back or ankle tat haha

Alright let’s talk about May/Mei Chang/Chan

So I’ve noticed that May Chang is really under appreciated and I don’t understand why??? First of all, she’s adorable. She’s also so tiny??? So much smaller than Ed too, she’s just precious!  Also, she was only 12 when she was first introduced, so that means that she traveled to a foreign country with only a panda. Can you do that? Probably not.

May’s also the only character who isn’t scared of Scar, and actually gets him to help her find Xiao May.

  Yeah she can be super silly, dramatic, and emotional.

She is probably as talented and intelligent as Ed and Al are, but in alchestry instead of alchemy, so a child prodigy like they were. (She and Izumi are also the only female alchemists) 

Her hand-to-hand skills are just kick-ass. She, like Lan Fan, can really piss Envy off by being untouchable.   

Also a woc!!! She’s great and should receive more recognition and credit.