I haven’t done a follow friday in awhile. I think it’s about time I did since I’ve gotten over 1k. Here are some of my favorite blogs. If you aren’t following them, you need to get your priorities straight! Now go and check em’ out! 


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artist shenanigans






(( Couldn’t resist, heheh. Seriously, though, I wanted to take this as an opportunity to thank each of you that send me such sweet messages now and then, I’ve literally been moved to tears I’m so touched. Tumblr is a pretty big place, so when I hear that I’m amongst someone’s favorite blogs, I really take it as a big complement! My goal with this blog was to make others smile, so I’m extremely happy that I’ve been able to do that. Thank you for sharing the joy with me, everyone! QuQ <333 ))



couGHS// but ayye, sorry for the super long absence, i had to focus on school on a little while, but i’m finally back from hiatus (´∀`)

I might not always be online because school is getting twice as busy with activities, studies, and reports and all but i’ll try my best to be on!! but the ask blog is open again (*^ワ^*)

Tho, Ky and Ery are back! and their about page is updated with their ref and also some new info! (=⌒▽⌒=)

so, once again, sorry for the super long hiatus, and i’l try my best to  be on—but not all the time (@°▽°@)

thank you and sorry again! and feel free to ask questions (*⌒∇⌒*) ]]


aah i didnt think anyone would say hi back so sorry i hadnt checked blub 
HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII hows everyone doing? ^^ aa i havent talked to you guys for aaages~!! ;-; (well except haru she has skype *_*) miss you *hugs*