cas and sam

using a blender

and cas forgets to put the top on while sam’s back is turned. he hears the machine go off and then there’s smattered of cold, strawberry smelling liquid seeping against his back and dripping down his neck

when he turns around

there’s cas with his eyes shut tight and his face covered in pink smoothie

Of CS dates and coffee

Bits and pieces of what could have happened in the six missing weeks ;) mostly fluffy, but there’s a little bit of smuff in there too! Hope you like my wonderful shipmates, enjoy the episode tonight! xxx


Emma sat on her desk and yawned so widely her jaw cracked. Giving in to temptation, she buried her face in the circle of her arms. Her hair fell around her like a warm curtain, and she breathed quietly in the stillness of the early morning, the weak sun filtering through the blinds on her window.

A sudden sharp rap made her jump and she bolted upright, looking blearily at Killian, who stood grinning at her from the doorway to her office. She breathed a sigh of relief and looked at him accusingly. He shrugged, grinning.

“Tired, love?” he said, his eyes twinkling.

“You have no idea,” she said, yawning again. “Then again, maybe you do. You’re three hundred years old after all.”

He snorted softly. “I thought we’d settled that particular argument. It’s more like two hundred.”

“Semantics,” she said, her gaze drawn to his hand. She looked back up at him. “Is that what I think it is?”

“If you think it’s a grilled cheese sandwich fresh from Granny’s, you’d be correct.” He pulled his other arm from behind his back. “And an extra large caffeinated beverage to accompany it.” He indicated the take out cup nestled securely in his hook.

She held out her hands made a grasping motion. “Gimme.”

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favorite fanfic tropes

  • pretend-significant-other
  • we’re only having sex and it means nothing
  • best friends to lovers
  • best friends who marry each other for tax purposes
  • everyone thinks they’re dating when they’re not
  • suddenly-we’re-making-out-because-i-thought-you-died
  • we dated in high school and had a really messy break up and haven’t seen each other for 7 years
  • one has a sexuality crisis over liking the other
  • we hate each other but we //have// to be roomates because there just isn’t another option

anonymous asked:

sam finding the courage to tell cas that he's trans, and that he would like to go by she from now on and cas is super chill about it even though it takes some getting used to using she/her for sam instead of he/him. eventually, in the future when cas and sam have been in a relationship for a long time dean jokes that they should get married and cas takes it seriously and takes a very flustered sam to look at wedding dresses

oh my sweet jesus YES

sam would be the literal image of a blushing bride and cas would be all smiley and proud and hug her from behind and kiss the back of her neck while she’s trying out dresses

sometimes cas would even twirl her and try out tuxes alongside her and they’d be the most giggly, ridiculous couple the bridal store has ever seen and it would make the staff laugh and ‘aaaaw’ from afar bc wow they’re so cute together

listen to this PSA and read it repeatedly so it ingrains in your head:

Alluka is a transgirl don’t refer to her with male pronouns Alluka is a transgirl don’t refer to her with male pronouns Alluka is a transgirl don’t refer to her with male pronouns Alluka is a transgirl don’t refer to her with male pronouns Alluka is a transgirl don’t refer to her with male pronouns STOP DON’T DO IT NO MOAR

what is transgender | how Togashi’s previous works included transgender and queer people + one more example (read under Church!) 

It's my moms' birthday...

And I remember when I was like 7. I drew her something special. Flowers, us… in a red background (her favorite color). WITH BIG OLE CRAYONY LETTERS THAT SAYS “I LOVES YOU MOM”

I gave it to her, all proud and what not. Thinking “aw yeah straight from the heart”. And she responded:

"Sweetie…. why didn’t you ask daddy for money, so you could give it to me? A drawing won’t do me any good." She patted my head and walked away.




and I loves you either way.