Thought I’d share :)

the fabulous destiny of; a lizzie/will mix

i. charlotte mittnacht (the fabulous destiny of) - devotchka ; instrumental
ii. ambitious girl - wale ; My ambitious girl / I won’t forget you / I just reflect on how / I ain’t met you yet boo
iii. i’m in love with a girl - big star ; I’m in love with a girl / Finest girl in the world / I didn’t know / This could happen to me
iv. dreaming of you - the coral ; When I’m down and my hands are tied / I cannot reach a pen for me to draw the line / From this pain I just can’t disguise / It’s gonna hurt but I’ll have to say goodbye
v. magpies - morgan enos ; Keep your wars from me / And your feathers to keep / I will be a suitor unto thee / In broken blackened wings / Unfit for courts or kings
vi. no rest - dry the river ; I used to be a king alone / Like Solomon or Rehoboam / And in the eaves, the Corvidae / Did jealous keep my picture frames / And everything did oxidate in place
vii. potential - one happy island ; Spend the afternoon in the city with you / I can scale the stairs in Porter Station / Cause I’m so full of pure elation / With you it all feels effortless / I can’t sit still, I can’t resist, no
viii. she bangs the drums - the stone roses ; I can see her, here she comes / She bangs the drums / Have you seen her, have you heard / The way she plays there are no words / To describe the way I feel
ix. michelle - korby lenker ; I need you, I need you, I need you / I need to make you see/ Oh, what you mean to me / Until I do / I’m telling you so you’ll understand
x. woodsmoke - sea birds feat. gabriela welch ; And it’s one thing I’ll remember now / Your slipping from my clasped hands / Like a length of string / Of a host of balloons
xi. love song - macklemore ; Sometimes the thing you love the most in the world / You just gotta let it be / It hurts to have to set it free / And if does, it doesn’t work / We both know that it was meant to breathe
xii. l’appuntamento - ornella vanoni ; Ho sbagliato tante volte ormai / Che lo so già / Che oggi quasi certamente / Sto sbagliando su di te / Ma una volta in più
xiii. crash into me - dave matthews band ; Into your heart / I’ll beat again / Sweet like candy to my soul / Sweet you rock and sweet you roll / Lost for you / I’m so lost for you
xiv. temporary tattoo - one happy island ; This temporary tattoo / My throwaway heart / It’s so much better with you
xv. and he gets the girl - lupe fiasco ; Get up and just walk up to her / And say (go over there) hi / That’s all you gotta do is say hi / That’s all you gotta do / Say hi
xvi. till the end of time - devotchka ; And look at you and me still here together / There is no one knows you better / And we’ve come such a long, long way / Let’s put it off for one more day