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important question: was Rachel still in the twilight fandom when EL James started writing?? she read the meta but was she involved in the fanfic community???? fifty shades (the fic version) happened around 2010 what's the timeframe here I need to know how tiny rachel would've reacted to the drama would she complain about it in her daily blog post or would she participate in hardcore passive-aggressive vagueblogging?? these things need to be known. for science.

OH GOD okay see i was trying to figure out timelines BUT i think that this is occurring around 2007!! because yes rachel is involved in the fanfic community. i think i like her as a really aggressive and vindictive reviewer who never publishes fic. she has fic. it’s in a secret notebook. nobody must ever read the fic in the secret notebook.

but let’s see…so fast-forward three years….15-year-old rachel is still in the fandom, i’d say, but…quietly so. she is aware that this is Embarrassing and she joins the part of the fandom that is kind of disgusted by twilight and is actively working to write things that are better than it? (which i think is/was a lot of the fandom.) she purges her blog archives and starts over because middle-school rachel is embarrassing. (rachel you’re still embarrassing don’t kid yourself.) she remains really vicious, really pretentious, really not publishing her own work. i don’t know if she writes fic anymore, but she is heavily involved in the fandom drama. i’m basing my knowledge of that drama on this post. i don’t think rachel would resent e.l. james for her ambition and i don’t think she would take issue with the abusive relationship in the fic/story—i think she would just be deeply offended by how poorly written it was.

i know there are some circles where negative-but-constructive reviews are valued and some where they’re kind of frowned upon. i don’t know what 2010-era twilight fandom was like, but i imagine that rachel would grow to be a kind of maligned figure in the fandom. especially as she gets older and wiser and she has more and more knowledge to back up her criticism, it becomes really cutting. and you have this teenager who’s giving really vicious criticism, in multi-paragraph essays, to everyone, and never publishing a goddamn thing herself—everyone ends up hating her, basically. LJ/ user perspicaciousnightmares is a fucking nightmare. (that’s her username she chose it at age 12 fight me.) soooo it’s entirely possible that she leaves really vicious reviews on [whatever it was called before it was 50 shades] and then everyone ignores her because they hate her and she’s viciously reviewed their fics in the past, and she carries a vendetta against the fandom for the rest of her life because if they’d just listened they could have stopped this disaster.

(spoilers: there was no stopping this disaster.)

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((will you do my url?? ;v;))

My Opinion on;

Character in general: the kAGAMINES WILL RULE THE WORLD
How they play them: 
I think you do a great job though my headcanons are a bit different from yours laskdjf
The Mun: 
aaaa idk what to say gomen we haven’t talked much before orz

Do I:

RP with them: nope
Want to RP with them:  would love to omg

What is my;

Overall Opinion: your blog is really cool with great art!! skldj sorry I couldn’t say much ‘cause we haven’t interacted much before ;;