the best 25 seconds of ur entire life 

leigh-kelly asked:

Can I tell you, I was coming home from work today and The Lucky One came on (you know, from the Red album) and I suddenly needed this as a Brittana fic, but there is only ONE person's voice I could see it in...

Santana looks up and sees her name in lights on the marquee.

Well, not her name. Not Santana Lopez.

But still.

Her name.

A dream come true.

A dream, really.

But so, so different than she’d ever imagined.

All she wanted to do was sing. To create.

To be an artist.

All she’s dealing with is business. Celebrity.

It’s not like what she thought.

It never is.

“We’re going to be late! Come on, out of the car!”

Her manager urges her forward into the throng of people on the red carpet.

Being famous, being famous isn’t anything she was ever prepared for.

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koushimi asked:

ok so daichi is a military man (i'm drooling thinking about him wearing marines dress blues) and surprises suga by coming back early while suga is like at some really big event or it's his birthday and a surprise party and that fun i don't know? and suga cries like a baby but he won't let go of daichi so dai just picks him up and lets him koala cling to him while he greets everyone else and it is the most instagramed event of the century

_(┐「ε’’’’:)_ ♡  *internally screaming*

are u looking for a job and/or having trouble due to age/appearance/disability?

if ur disabled, transgender, have visible tattoos or piercings and are having trouble finding a summer job pls read!!! 

it’s that time of year again; now begins the hiring for summer jobs. 

if ur looking for a job with 

  • very flexible work hours
  • open communication with upper management
  • opportunities for different kinds of jobs
  • a chance to help/improve social skills/communication
  • an open and equal opportunity environment 

pls consider applying for a tjx company! this includes marshalls, tjmaxx, homegoods and sierra trading post. (for non-usa pls see here).

when i was hired, i was 16 and had bright pink hair. i’ve worked at tjmaxx and marshalls with coworkers of every age, nationality and appearance. so this is my experience and my opinions (and it’s not the same everywhere u go), but trust me this isn’t an advertisement or promotion. 

hours are very flexible and there are plenty of options! work for a few months and find out u can only work one or two days a week? no problem. requesting days off is an easy process (i had to take 3 weeks off a time (twice!) and it was no problem!). however, summer shifts are usually nights and weekends. there is an open door policy which means u can talk with ur managers directly (and it’s very common they will work beside u at points). when u fill in ur application u can put in a preferred name and that’s what u will get on ur name tag. they will hire just about any age so if u are older and in between jobs or younger just starting ur first job, this is a great option. got visible tattoos or piercings? dyed hair? no problem. in addition (and this is what i’ve experienced from marshalls/tjmaxx) there are plenty of different areas to work in the store. if cashiering isn’t for u, u can work in the back room or the fitting room. so included in this, if u are disabled and can’t work in certain areas, they will make any accommodation that u need. as far as tjmaxx and marshalls, there is no set uniform. there is a dress code and suggested options, but overall very easy to follow. and on the off chance u do need clothes? employees and their families have a 10% off discount on everything in store. everyone is trained equally, in every department and machine and job. there’s no gender (or age) bias to who can do what. and in addition to all of this, tjx plans to increase their minimum wage to $9 an hour for all employees. u are given recognition and rewards for going above and beyond, giving great customer service and being a great associate so u never feel forgotten or inferior. 

for more information on employment opportunities visit the website here.

visit these links to find a store near u

good luck!!