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What would you do if you found out you had a clone?

Question everything! Like what if I’m the clone all along? That and do you remember that Mr. Bean episode where one of the aliens from this planet that looked like him met him and they played a prank on someone at the park? Yeah… The animated series.

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[msg: buddha butt] now my face hurts. it hurts so bad it could probably break a mirror.

 “That doesn’t even make any sense.” Emiko said to herself as she walked across the road. It didn’t even take a second to spot her friend as she walked into the small sake bar. The intoxicated girl was whining at the woman behind the bar, asking to touch her chest. “Ayano, let the poor woman alone.” Emiko said as she patted her friend’s head, taking a seat by her side.

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Whoa there- {’ Jongin falls back on the floor with her body on top of him, laughing before opening his eyes to greet her } You might try being a little careful next time Miss. 

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Upon requested, Rina pops her head into the nurses office when she requested to her to do so earlier that day. "Umm.... Nurse-san... Are you here?" She asks her. "You wanted to look at the cut I got on my cheek from the other day...." {017 rinaxbox}

 It had been a quiet morning for the school nurse of Majijo. Spending the day on the infirmary all alone, she had decided on cleaning around for the time to pass. When the student appeared, she greeted her with a bright smile, glad to finally see someone. “Suzuki-san. Yes, do come in please.” Since the student had not visited yesterday, Emiko did not expect from her to ever come. She was surprised. “Has the wound been bothering you? Let me have a look.” 

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"Well... this is awkward." [yamazakx]

“Ah- …this really is awkward..” she replied, looking up to the boy who was next to her. ” And…I’m sure I can’t go on with this any longer-” Miria furrowed her eyebrows, totally unsure on what to do with the current situation.

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ey can i ask what Elizaveta's sexual preference is???

From my perspective, it seems like Elizaveta is leaning more towards women, but I’m not all too sure. She likes men as well though.

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hi amachu-san! how did you get into soramafu? :o

well when i got into mafumafu, it was not too long after that phase of narcissist mafu and block master soraru AND I JUST??? I JUST i feel like wow theyre super cute i like seeing them together!!! BUT IT WAS REALLY TOUGH bc they quite rarely interact (i didnt expect they would ruin my life now) SO THATS HOW I LITERALLY got into soramafu lmao nothing special

but as i slowly learn and inspect mafu followed soraru first, but soraru didnt notice him ww and to see mafu STRIVING TO GET SORARU NOTICE HIM AT THE EARLY PHASE AND BEING SUPER HAPPY WHEN SORARU FOLLOWED HIM AND STUFF SORARU IS THE ONE WHO MIXED MAFUS FIRST VOCALOID SONG DAYBREAK AND ALL THE BLOCKING PHASE AND soraru slowly adapting with mafu with asking him to shut up to SONG COLLAB TO MAKE ALBUM TOGETHER TO GAME NAMAHOUSOU TOGETHER I JUST FEEL LIKE ITS AMAZING someone like soraru whos always lazy and stuff IS NOW??? QUITE NORMAL TO MAFU DOTN U THINK ITS CUTE????? I FEEL LIKE!!!!!!!! OH MYGOD I LOVE SEEIGN THEM TOGETHER and yes they are now ruining my life day by day thank u for asking

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He ran up to him, grabbed his face bringing him close and rubbing his nose against his own. Looking at you and then chuckled some. "Hyuuuu~♡"

His eyes widen at the sudden and very affectionate action as he brings his hands up and holds them at his sides, preparing to ease you backwards if you intend to make the contact even more intimate. “Wah… what did I do to deserve that?”

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i reblogged that gifset of jimin when i was hardcore stalking your blog you basically reblogged it from yourself WHAT A GEEK

wtheck dont be so rude :-/////

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FMK logan rain september

Fuck – Logan because she’s fine as hell. Marry – Rain because we can get married at the gym. Koala hug – September because I don’t know her that well but she’s got pretty eyes and deserves to live.

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You are one of the most passionate people I’ve ever came accross in this business. It was an honor to “mentor” you during your rookie years and see you grow as a person as a performer.

Which brings me to point two: You never let success change you, you were always the same humble and hungry person from day one, always keeping your head in the clouds but your feet on the groud.

And I love the way you are so passionate for your nerd stuff, really. I don’t understand about these comics, games and animes stuff you like, but I think it’s amazing how you were never afraid of being who you are, this is amazing, really.

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"No friendship dessert? Yah, you're so picky. And I thought it was obvious!"

“Yah– at least I didn’t complain about not getting another dessert. Tch.” She crosses her arms over her chest. 

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