What ever happened to liking a band for their music?

Really, it’s ridiculous now a days that the fandom of Avenged Sevenfold are way too obsessed with the fact that the guys are getting married, having kids, etc, etc. Like, really bitches. THEY WILL NEVER BE WITH YOUUUUUUU. You’re making it to where they’re going to hate us, and make fun of us.I mean yeah I am jealous of the fact that I haven’t found a talented, sexy guy. But I am not going to stalk their girlfriends, hack into their social media sites; make it to where they don’t want a facebook, harass Brians dad, and send death threats. REALLY?! You bitches need to find jesus.

Guys, there is still thousands of none crazy fans. Just don’t let the stupid ones ruin your love for the ones that truely care about the music.