I’m off to the Supernatural con in Birmingham this weekend. My first con out in the thick of it, rather than peering nervously at the fun from behind the scenes.

The Friday night costume party has an ‘Alternative Superhero’ theme, so I’m going as tumblr personified. Because of course tumblr would be a superhero. She kickpunches Facebook twice before breakfast every morning. Or, you know, she sends someone else to do it because she has more important shit to scroll through, okay.

So, here is the cape I made. Capes are grand. I highly recommend getting one just to swoosh, strut and twirl about the house in. I may never take it off.

The cape will be my security blanket at a party full of strangers tomorrow night, which is fitting given that tumblr has become my security blanket for coping with the real world.

Panel highlights from Supernatural A10Con.
  • Ty Olsson phoned Jensen, despite the fact that it was 3am back in America, and put the phone on loud-speaker, he made the whole hall scream on the voicemail and then when the call ended it started reading out the phone number so about 2000 of us heard the first 5 digits of Jensen Ackles’ phone number before Ty quickly ripped it away from the mic and started screaming to cover it.
  • Misha literally ran to one of his panels after getting stuck in traffic, they filmed him running into the hotel with his body-gaurds and Doug put the video up on the monitors, he got on stage with bed-head and took 5 minutes to catch his breath, then proceeded to race a fan from one end of the hall all the way to the other side, there’s GIFs of that already up on here.
  • Misha also opened one of his panels by playing twister on stage with Abby and a bunch of Castiel cosplayers, of which there is already a mountain of hilarious GIFs and photos of.
  • Ty Olsson and Rick Worthy refused to start their first panel until they had a drink, pretty sure Ty has been drinking non-stop since VegasCon. A whole bunch of fans ran up to the stage to give them drinks, Alex also handed Rick his hip-flask and they made Sophie get glasses and start mixing them drinks.
  • Mark Sheppard refused to leave his last panel and just walked off stage and sat in the crowd with the fans until Richard Speight Jr. came on to start his panel, SP8 then brought Rob Benedict on and Mark still had the microphone in the crowd and proceeded to back-chat them, then Matt Cohen crashed the panel and Mark started pacing from one end of the hall to the other to take questions from fans. Someone started their question with ‘despite the fact that none of you are the main characters…’ and Mark ripped the microphone out of her hand, went mental and started shouting “EXCUSE YOU, THIS IS THE CROWLEY SHOW!” and SP8 literally threw his mic down and walked off-stage.
  • At the same panel they gave Rob a Jaffa Cake (they don’t have them in America apparently) and Rob immediately screamed and spat it out in horror, SP8 however enjoyed it.
  • Matt Cohen spent his whole panel on the floor instead of the stage and gave every single person who got up to ask a question a hug, whether they wanted one or not. At one point he got up on a chair in the crowd and started talking to some 40 year old skin-head about how good the Barbie movies where. Matt’s wife was also in the front row because it was their anniversary weekend.
  • Misha told the story of how him and Vicki met, then proceeded to over-share by telling us all how he lost his virginity to her. He also talked about when West was born and they took him to a Christmas party with prostitutes.
  • A fan asked Mark about the finale and inquired into what Jared tasted like after he had to bite him, another fan standing in the question line shouted 'Chocolate Mousse!’, easily the best pun from the weekend. Mark also called a fan a hoe, talked about playing Badger in Firefly, working on the set of Battlestar Galactica, insisted once again that he be cast as Sebastian Moran in BBC Sherlock and did a lot of lines as Crowley.
  • Rick Worthy started biting fans, twerking on stage to R&B music, almost cried when Ty talked about growing up in foster homes riled the crowd by talking about the Vampire Diaries.
  • DJ Qualls did a panel with Osric Chau and was walking through the crowd collecting sweets from fans, he was appalled that our sour skittles are different from the American ones and did most of the panels in a scarf that was knitted by an attending fans mother whilst wearing sunglasses. He talked about missing a role in a big West End production due to a scheduling fuck-up and it was the only time he cried out of disappointment.
  • Mark Sheppard said that when they filmed the scene in the Season 8 finale episode where they are in Bobby’s salvage yard making the deal and Dean is reading the contract Jared had one line and it was off camera but when Mark looked over Jared was pulling hair out of the ears of the camera guy with a set of pliers.
  • At the party on Saturday night Jason Mann played a gig and got Rob Benedict on stage to play some Louden Swain songs, they also did an acoustic version of Hallelujah (Jeff Buckley version) and it was so insane that the entire motherfucking hall, myself included, got up to give them a standing ovation. They also got SP8 on stage to sing 'the way you make me feel’ by Michael Jackson with them, in which Rob & SP8 did the harmonies whilst doing a semi-rehearsed dance routine that included grinding on each other. They also got Matt Cohen and his wife on stage to sing a song together, Matt is deaf but his wife has a beautiful voice, which is fine because Matt is an actual Disney prince so who cares.
  • Matt Cohen hosted karaoke on Friday night, like he did at A8Con, and got SP8, Rob, Julian Richings, Ty Olsson, DJ Qualls, Rick Worthy, Kevin McNally, Osric Chau and Jason Mann on stage with him for the whole night whilst fans got up to sing. Julian sang 'Ring Of Fire’ by Johnny Cash, DJ Qualls sang a Poison song, Kevin McNally also sang but I can’t remember what, Osric came on dressed as a Hobbit, wearing full green body-paint and sang 'Lego House’ by Ed Sheeran, Matt Cohen got a fan up to duet 'Fix You’ by Coldplay with him, they did this at A8 and once again all 2000 fans sang with them and the sound was heartbreaking. They got our beloved host, Doug, up to sing Bohemian Rhapsody and after the hotel tried to shut us down for the noise (this also happened at A8) they did Eye Of The Tiger all together to close it before it went on to the usual party and everyone imitated the infamous out-take of Jensen doing it in the impala.
  • Kevin McNally opened one of his panels by singing 'That’s Life’ by Frank Sinatra, talked about his role as Mr. Gibbs and working with Johnny Depp on Pirates Of The Caribbean, started stripping on stage whilst fans sang the Full Monty theme song and said how much he would like to be in the new Star Trek film, especially since his wife is in Downton Abbey and JJ Abrams was just out to the set of that, he also doesn’t think Frank is dead.
  • Kim Rhodes once again stated how much she would like to sleep with Jared and/or Jensen, kept shouting 'I’M NOT DEAD. SHERIFF MILLS IS NOT DEAD’ and said FUCK a lot, as always.

There are more, a lot more, but I’ll add them to this list as I remember them, because I was unable to live-tweet from the panels this year due to my phone fucking up I have no solid prompt line so it’s just the ones that stick out in my memory.

Personal highlights from Supernatural A10Con.
  • I got drunk with some of the cast on Saturday night in the bar, was hit on by Mark Sheppard and Ty Olsson, offered to take my dress off for Misha Collins to wear, was essentially kicked out of the Hilton Hotel at 3am (for the second time at a Supernatural convention), accidentally called Rob Benedict ‘baby’, threw an impromptu after-party in the green room with the staff and about 10 other fans I kidnapped from the legit party which resulted in extreme hazing and story-time with our beloved host Doug, who is also Misha Collins’ bitch at every con, was felt up by some drunk fan dressed as Fem!Iron-Man and in fact I was drunk for 4 nights in a row, every night from Thursday night to Sunday night. Every morning panel started with me sitting in the crowd trying to hold my colour and not convulse, I drank a minimum of a bottle of wine a day since I arrived and I should probably apologise to the many people who came up to speak to me, hang out, recognized me from Tumblr and/or had pictures taken with me at the weekend because I was imbibed every time and probably swaying :’)
  • On Thursday evening Alex and I arrived at the hotel and quickly started getting drunk, we then phoned Phineas and had him play us piano and sing down the phone, at one point I put my phone on loud-speaker and Phineas played 'To The Moon In Back’ by Savage Garden on the piano whilst I sang, Alex filmed it and if that video gets put up then god help your ears. We then found out some people we met at both A8Con and A9Con were a few rooms down from us so we went there, got even more drunk and played Cards Against Humanity. I will never know how we didn’t get kicked out because there was about 8 of us in a tiny hotel room and we were screaming well into the small hours of the morning.
  • On Friday Vic arrived, we picked her up from the airport and went to registration, where we met up with the rest of Team Final 13 from A9Con, including the usual suspects- Sophie, Shannon, Margaux and the other twenty of you who’s URLs I can never remember.
  • That night was karaoke night (see this post for details), which I also got drunk at, it was superhero themed and I was right at the front when DJ Qualls sang, Julian Richings sang, Osric Chau sang and Rob Benedict almost fell off the stage. Someone came up to ask for a picture of me and Vic together (she was in Matt Murdoch/Daredevil cosplay that night) and thought I was dressed up as Dita Von Teese, it took me about 5 minutes to stop laughing and assure her that I wasn’t. This happened about 15 more times during the con and also happened at A9Con, where most people thought I was cosplaying as Irene Adler for the whole weekend until I told them otherwise. Flattered but weird because I really don’t think I look anything like her but thank-you all anyway. I also met a number of random people who tweeted me wanting to come say hello, who were all great and the Fem!Iron-Man who was part of a big group cosplaying the Avengers that night stumbled up to me when I was out in the foyer and proceeded to declare that I was the “most perfect women she had ever seen” and that I had a “perfect body to die for!” and then ran her hands all the way up me from my ankles to my breasts, repeatedly, whilst I stood there with my hands over my head in shock shouting “IT’S TOUCHING ME, CEASE AND DESIST, COULD SOMEONE CALL PEPPER!”, this went on for like five minutes, her hands were everywhere and it was either drunk lust or she was the most in character Tony Stark I’ve ever met, this girl would not stop touching me and her friends had to drag her away and put her to bed.
  • On Saturday I met Julian Richings who is polite and very sweet despite having played probably the best incarnation of Death that has ever graced television, versatile man, I met Emily Perkins who is extremely shy but into a lot of cool stuff like hand-writing analysis, I met Osric Chau who is one of the nicest people and we talked about Crash Bandicoot, I met Kim Rhodes for a second time who remembered me from A8Con, I met DJ Qualls who I had seen at A8Con but not met, we talked about how much chocolate the body can handle when you’re high. I also had my photo-op with Misha Collins, who I met twice at A8Con, and despite the fact that I tried to not do anything stupid he is still the only man who makes me nervous so when I walked up to him and he looked me up and down and said “That is a lovely dress, wow” I immediately came out with “Thanks, I could let you wear it instead for this photo?” and mimed un-zipping it, he laughed and pulled me by the waist into him for the photo but I spent the rest of the day bashing myself for not keeping my mouth shut. My IQ is the best thing about me and yet it plummets by 40 points every time I’m in the same room as him I swear.
  • On Saturday I also met Mark Sheppard again, I reminded him of what happened when I first met him at A8Con (when I accidentally hit on him), I told him that I had promised not to make the same mistake again and he said “Oh please do when you look like that, your hair is gorgeous, your whole style is gorgeous darling, I’m a fan” and reached across the table to pat my hand, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I then met Ty Olsson, who was drunk as hell and could not sit still at his table so was signing auto-graphs whilst bouncing up and down, he took one look at me and said “Wow, look at you… How old are you?” not even remotely subtle and he said he loved my style and I told him to put the drink down. I then met Rick Worthy who was cool for getting fucked up at the party that night.
  • Saturday night was chaos, it was cowboy theme night and after the Jason Mann/Rob Benedict gig Ty Olsson stumbled from back-stage to the bar in the main ballroom, where I was sitting at a table with Alex, Vic, Captain Tumblr and a few others, we sent Vic over to chat to him, I was already drunk again by this point and then DJ Qualls creeped through the back of the hall with his suit-case trying to get to the exit and came over to our table to tell Alex and I that he really wanted to come play cards and get drunk with us tonight like Alex had offered earlier during auto-graphs but he had to go back to his hotel and then told us all about how shitty the hotel were being to not just him but the whole cast, including them not letting Matt Cohen into the restaurant, which is fucking ridiculous and I was so angry. Then Rick Worthy came over to talk to us, drink in hand, and said he was totally in for getting fucked up and playing cards, Alex flagged down Osric who also said he wanted to play and then Ty came over, swaying and slurring, saying he would maybe drop in for a game later. We rounded up some of the other staff and proceeded to devise a plan for putting together the card game together privately, which involved a lot of skulking about the hotel, during which we all ran into Rob Benedict who said goodnight to us and we also bumped into Misha heading back to his hotel.
  • Eventually we just abandoned the main plot, split off into a smaller group and settled on the main bar, Shannon and Sophie set up the card game with about 10 others on a lounge area in the bar, Alex and I then bumped into Osric who was just floating about the bar chatting to people, then Ty Olsson came over to play cards with us for a quick few rounds before he had to catch his taxi (which I have photos of that I’ll post ASAP), then I bumped into Rick Worthy at the bar with a few others who shouted “Hey baby! Come do some Jager shots!” so I obliged, there was about 7-10 of us and Rick Worthy at the bar and then we decided to do tequila shots, Rick immediately pulled out his wallet and threw down £50, everyone else handed over money until we had enough (The Hilton charge almost £6 a shot which is criminal), the poor bar-man and Rick’s handlers looked appalled which only made it more hilarious, we lined up the shots and I climbed on the bar pole, instructed everyone on how we were going to do my method of 'wolf howl’ shots and then took my camera out, handed it to some girl standing behind me and told her to ’ fucking film this beautiful moment’, we did and then I got Rick and everyone to toast to Supernatural, I’ll put the video up either tonight or tomorrow night, it’s probably one of my favourite moments ever. Rick then talked to me for a while about how much Ty inspired him with his childhood and I told him about DJ coming up rough too  and we shot the breeze before he had to leave. That night also included a bunch of nice people recognizing me from Tumblr and there are A LOT of horrific drunken photo’s of me subsequently.
  • Vic got so drunk that she ended up on the floor of a bathroom stall in The Hilton, being sick and crying, whilst still in full Cowboy!Dean cosplay, with me on the floor next to her drunkenly shouting “NO! BABY WHAT DID I DO TO YOU!? I’VE RUINED YOU!” and when we all finally poured into a taxi at about 2:30am I had to hold her face and sing her 'Hotel California’ by The Eagles so she would focus on me and not puking in the taxi. Rock and/or Roll.
  • Sunday started with a god-splitter headache and Rick Worthy following me on twitter, during the panels that afternoon SP8 got off the stage and stood leaning on my chair in the crowd to answer a question, which I managed to film some of, and Mark Sheppard just started wandering down the middle of the seating for his panel, I had my camera out filming him walking down and he stopped and started speaking into my camera and said I had the best hair and I had the whole look and looked like a 'super secretary’ with my glasses on, I also have a video of this which I will post either tonight or tomorrow. As all the actors where leaving the hall post-closing ceremony I bumped into Rob Benedict and said “Bye baby!” in a sing-song voice and he grinned and said “Bye-Bye!” back in the same sing-song voice, then I realised I had called him baby, face/palm moment.
  • Since Sunday was the final day I decided to go for 4 days in a row and get extra messed up and become involved in some crazy group antics like I do at every con (this is how teams are born). I got drunk and wandered from the bar (where Abby and I played 'sleeping buckaroo’ on another fan, you’ll see what I mean when the photos turn up) to the legit final party for the fans and then to the green-room where I spoke to Coulson and some of the other staff, then Alex said he found some fans who had alcohol they needed to drink that night since they were leaving the next day, so I instructed them to bring it to me, every bag and rucksack of it,  and then led them back to the green-room since most of the other staff had left.
  • We then proceeded to get nine kinds of fucked up and devised a hazing ritual that involved getting some poor fan to lick a death candy sour sweet, shot malibu and tip/snort an entire packet of pop-rocks in his mouth, all at once, which I have a video of, we also made him drink triple-sec with extreme sour sweets in it and other weird shit, I always like to devise a team name for whatever mad group I end up with on the Sunday night so that became Team After After Party, then by 2am we were all incoherently drunk, pissing about and some girl asked to marry me and got me to kiss her and someone else asked to take a photo with me out in the corridor and I had to try so hard not to slide down the wall, that became Team Rockstar. I have plenty photos. Doug was away taking the rest of the actors to London so they could fly back to the states that night but I managed to coerce him into joining us briefly when he got back at about 1:30am, 'Story time with Doug’.
  • Eventually the hotel security came in to the green room at about 3am to kick us out, we stumbled through to reception, did a lot of Tumblr URL swapping, hugging and shouting of TEAM ROCKSTAR. We finally got a taxi and arrived back at the hotel for about 4:30am.
  • On Sunday myself, Alex, Vic, Shannon, Sophie, Grant, Cara, and about 10 other people all ended up in the airport together, which seemed fitting since it was the same people who mostly made up Team Final 13 from A9Con. Sophie was first to leave, she burst into tears and I forgot how emotional the goodbyes always are at con, then Alex and I had to leave, as we were walking away to take Vic to check in her luggage and then go through security to catch our own flight I started singing the chant that Ty Olsson came up with at the party on Saturday night “WE’RE GOING ON A VAMPIRE HUNT, WE’RE GONNA CATCH A NASTY ONE, I’M NOT SCAAAARREEDDD…”, and everyone sang the lines back at the top of their lungs, the whole airport looked at us like we were on drugs but it was a beautiful moment.

There is a whole bunch of other crazy shit that I am too tired to type up right now, if I forgot anything please remind me, also I cannot remember the names of even half the people I met because I’m terrible like that so please feel free to mail me if you met me, I know one was called Izzy, one was called Magda, there was a Crowley cosplayer, a girl with pink and green hair, a small blonde girl who was a fan of my writing, two sisters who handed me drinks on Saturday night, a petite girl with a pixie cut and glasses who shouted “DITA VON TEESE!” at me across the lobby, two Scottish guys who took pictures with me in the bar and a whole fucking bunch of other people. Thank-you to everyone who made the weekend as insane as it was and kicked the ass out of it with me every night, I love you all and I will see you all at A11.


I’m flying down to Birmingham for Supernatural A10Con today.
You know the drill, I’ll be live-tweeting all of the panels (@_Rumour_), I’ll be on Tumblr to check messages but I probably won’t be posting unless it’s urgent/important.
A whole bunch of people mailed me after A9Con asking to meet up at A10 so could those people either mail me with meet-up places/days/times or feel free to just flag me if you see me at registration or whatever, I have a tendency to stick out a fair bit and I’ll be with about 20 people making a lot of noise and/or abusing Doug, you’ll know me when you see me.
General tags will be #Asylum10 and #A10Con, also both myself and my handler, Alex, whom you should all be familiar with by now, will be posting in the #Team Future Rogue Staff tag for the ‘Final 13’ group/family that were all together on the Sunday at A9 (you know who you all are).
I’m also happy to say that my spirit-animal (and probably the most infamous Dean cosplayer on Tumblr) Vic will be attending A10, after the absoloute chaos she caused at A9 I’m preparing for mass-fangirling this year, her Dean Winchester RP/Cosplay blog is HERE for those of you who are not familiar, you wont miss her, trust me, just follow the screaming.
Also Alex, Shannon & Sophie are stewarding this year for a few hours so they’ll be helping anyone who’s first con this is probably, and of course no con would be complete without Coulson, our favourite member of the rogue staff, she’ll be doing all the shouting this weekend.
There will be a full blog post when I fly home on either Monday or Tuesday, as usual.