Superwoman (excerpt)

I wonder if she knows that there is an “S”

On her chest

Sees the cape that blows in the wind behind her

Convinced that she is Naturally Super

Can’t see through walls

Or fly through the air


She stumps through obstacles

Wearing out shoes long before

Her body gets weary,

Mind never grows weak,

Her Soul full of hope

Balancing the weight of world on her shoulders

A sistah,

So she is built to hold that weight

Moving Mountains with

Ease and grace

Comfortable in her own skin

Makes no excuses for who she is

The picture of strength is what I see

© 2011 A.N.U

the wrap

Let me wrap my heart around you

Absorbing your pain while depleting their negativity

Releasing your ambition to produce a foundation blessed to construct an empire

Witnessing your rise to the expectation of King

Let me wrap your disappointments in the right ventricle of my heart

Circulating for the cleansing to pump a spirit of survival through you

Know your value

Understand your emotional bank has been overdrawn

Enduring oppression has your reserved accounts depreciating statements reflecting death as the penalty.

Know your excellence

That emotional bankruptcy allow me to reorganize

I’m your fixer

Let my lip’s kiss be the beginning of forgetting

Eliminating the yesterday

Show you what loyalty feels like

Let me wrap you in my heart never my thighs

This love is more than sexual.

Here to ask permission-

Let me love you

 ©2014 A.N.U All rights reserved

This poem starts.....

Let me wrap my heart around you
Absorbing your pain while depleting their negativity
Releasing your ambition to produce a foundation able to construct an empire
Observing your rise to the expectation of King.

Let me wrap your disappointments in the valve of my heart
Pumping out a spirit of survival
I know your value
Understand your emotional bank has been overdrawn
The penalty of death looms over you daily
Yet here I am to ask permission to love you

Let me wrap my heart around you

Excerpt from "Empty" (Collab with Era Writeous)

This cup held my soul 

Full of dreams 

Mixed in with love and healing

Inside now I have died

Dreams deferred so many 

Times now I see nothing 

But darkness when I close my 


Soul screaming to be nurtured 

Overstanding diminished to an Understanding 

Trying to love again 

Find that spark that once made my soul jump 

Ignite this fizzled flame from the masses 

Blowing it out, 

Lack of truth, love, and support

I am empty inside 

©A.N.U 2011(this verse was written by A.N.U)

Hip Hop Blasphemy

This is an excerpt of my own piece

Hip Hop Blasphemy


The greatest pioneer to life telling

Bars embedded a legacy of

Well tracked lyrical prints

Should be known as Ghettos Aesop

The way he delivered lifeages through passages

Which hid only by the rhythms

PSA’s with jingles making minds tingle

Lyrics gave life to the hidden stories of places

Long forgotten and people banished before being seen

Substance oozing from 16s

Real life hung on hooks

Words reached out to a generation not worthy of name

Reminding them of the power our numbers alone hold

Telling them to leave legacies and not smudges in history

All while making them dance- seen a threat by many

Media depiction made him look more like a common criminal

Then who and what he really was

An artist

Stereograms being crafted with words

Long strokes of vibrate—issues

You hear bitches and other 4 letter words

Not listening to his words

Never was a trend—he just was

Taken too soon and now we have you…… 

© ANU 2011


A Challenge

In honor of my 30th birthday, December 4, I am taking on a challenge to write 30 pieces in 30 days (yes like the National Poetry Month challenge). This is a challenge that will last from December 1-31(yes I know its 31 days gives me a chance to rest a day). I welcome all poets and writers to join in on the challenge us this as a chance to step outside your normal writing style lets get outside the box and open up.

For Entertainment (2/30)

For Entertainment (2/30)


Proclaimed himself as

Just another

Young creative



And entertain he did

Between her legs

His tongue danced and

Ms. Yoni fell in love

With every movement


Whispering those

3 words in her ear

But his heart lay at

Death’s doorstep


© A.N.U 2011


I could never say goodbye to her,

like a lover who doesn’t know

how to let go she keeps calling my name.

Wants me to  lay with her  as she speaks slowly in my ear

and verbatim write what she instructs

with passion spit what I feel

but I think its time to lay down this pen

walk away because she is too good for even my own ears….

(Excerpt Goodbye by A.N.U)