(This isn’t copyright infringement, right? X_X It’s just one scene (and not even the whole scene) and I’m providing subtitles and commentary and stuff, right? Does it count as journalistic use? *so nervous about this*)

You can buy the whole series at this address for LESS THAN 6€:

So you totally should if it’s in any way possible for you. Message me if you have trouble with the site and I’ll try to help (I made it through it once so I think I know how to handle it). I want everybody to see this. And no, I don’t work for them or anything. I just want everybody to see this.

This miniseries is AWESOME. It’s basically Les Mis with the focus on Marius (and to a lesser extend on Les Amis too, and the revolutionaries in general — actually they’re introduced before Marius). It starts from Marius living with his Grandfather and then finding out about his father’s sickness.

It’s not really a good adaptation of the book (obviously) but it’s a good adaptation of the volumes 3-5. Which is why I like it so much. There are a lot of adaptations that tell the story of the first two volumes very well but then completely drop the ball when it comes to the rest of the story. It’s just such a nice thing for a change. So… alone it’s not all that good but as a sort of supplement to other adaptations it’s excellent. And it has all the Amis!

This is one of my favourite scenes in this miniseries. (And from the book.) This is Lesgle at his best. My only regret is that this adaptation skipped the silly puns. Although I wouldn’t have known how to translate them anyway. (Oh and of course they gave him hair…. D: Why does he always have hair? The only bald Lesgle I’ve seen was in the 25th anniversary DVD.)

I love Courfeyrac in this too. He’s like “Come live with me” and Marius is all like “But—” and Courfeyrac is like “No buts. I’m keeping you. And I’m taking over this cab too.”

What’s more, he’s even better in other scenes. I’m not kidding. Not sure if I like him or the 1982 Courf more? I can’t decide between those two. But he’s definitely amazing. And this one definitely has the better ensemble. Not even a question about that. Even their Marius is great, IMHO. They even have the Napoleon rant scene with him being all full of geeky passion and Les Amis being all “oh shut up already, you weirdo”.

And I could talk endlessly about this version’s Enjolras and Grantaire. And I will, just wait.

Btw, in case someone didn’t get it, the name “Marius Pontmercy” is written on his luggage, not on the cab. Just to be clear. Because I know some people were like “what, Marius has his own cab?!”

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