I know it was only a dream and I had it months ago, but it keeps replaying in my head. What if when I see you, you are all mad at me and too “cool” to even like look at me or talk. I know that wont happen and you’d prob give me a giant hug but I still just have that thought in the back of my mind that you could care less to see me. I know you’ll prob never read this, but I have been just missing you so much and I know that you’re the only real guy I trust my everything with. I guess I’m just holding onto hope.

I should let go because you are 194762220573 miles away, but still. You’re my first and last. But I just keep having those thoughts of that you wouldn’t even care to see me if I came up this summer, even though you said you would love to. “Yes yes yes yes yes I still do” I quote you said that 😉

Fuck my stupid paranoia.

Hola, Mixtape #68: A.C.M. IV

Quince temas de quince nombres chilenos, abarcando una década y un montón de géneros distintos. Un charquicán bastante representativo, a fin de cuentas.

1 Ases Falsos - Simetría
2 Francisco Pinto - Metrópolis (con Javier Barría)
3 Mecánico - Nobody
4 Solo Di Medina - Tokio
5 Nick Calaveras - Vete (feat. Juan Sativo & Tea Time)
6 Cellophane Folks - Beach Bitch
7 La Puzzy Doll - Rockin’ Fiesta
8 The Versions - Low Budget Tears (EP Horizonte)

1 Icarus Gasoline - Roma en el Sol
2 Casino - Common Lover
3 Matías Cena & Los Fictions - Raíz
4 Patricio Cáceres - La Verdad
5 Dizzlecciko - Everlasting Love
6 Las Torcazas - Dirás Qué
7 (Me Llamo) Sebastián - El Asqueroso

Hola, Mixtape #68: A.C.M. IV

Last night was the first time I dreamed about you in like months…….
I didn’t really like it… I miss you, but I’m definitely not living in the past. I loved and I lost, and I’ve learned from that.