Hey sweethearts! Can you believe that 2014 is close to ending? geez, well, it’s time to say goodbye to 2014 and end it with a giveaway! hella rad, aye?
check out my other giveaways going on right now! x . x. small rules and details are under the break!

Items !:
BTS: Danger ( TYPE A Japanese edition)
OR BTS: Dark & Wild.
Includes: 2015 BTS season greetings.
OR B.A.P PHOTOBOOK : Recording take 4
Includes: B.A.P 2015 Season Greetings
OR VIXX Global Photobook: Hello Stranger!
Includes: VIXX 2015 Seasons Greetings.
2PM : GO CRAZY! (Limited edition)
OR 2PM Photobook: Omnipotence.
Includes: 2015 2PM Season Greetings

I will pick the three TOP winners! You are able to chose TWO group bundles

Other Items ! 
GOT7: Identify (Original Ver.)
Includes: GOT7 slogan and Calendar Planner!
Includes: EXO 1ST BOX DVD (Limited) and your choice of Slogan
Includes: Epik high Slogan and Tablo’s Pieces of you (ENG)
∉ BLOCK B : H.E.R (Japan or REG ver)
Includes: BLOCK B “Remastering ” concert goods and BLOCK B slogan.

Another 3 winners will be picked in THIS category. You will be able to chose 1 category.

Last but not least, this category is the last 4 winners. 
∋ you will get a $25.00 credit to KPOPMART, or from the Fyzzed website.

Check the rules and details under the break. Check the FAQ before sending in your messages, but if anything, you can come and ask! 

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"Fresque des Québécois"

I was lucky to photograph this huge mural late at night when there was almost no one around to block my view.
"Visitors to Old Québec’s Place-Royale can’t miss the immense Fresque des Québécois on Côte de la Montagne. This mural recounts the story of Québec City, weaving in visual allusions to its unique architecture and fortifications, and its larger-than-life personalities. Look closely at the building’s windows: you’ll see some 15 historic figures and nearly a dozen of Québec’s leading writers and artists. It’s truly a breathtaking work!" - http://www.quebecregion.com