A Zayn Malik Love Story

Chapter  1 - So Close

Chapter 2 - Just that Girl

Chapter 3 - Just A Dream

Chapter 4 - Enchanted

Chapter 5 - What Makes You Beautiful

Chapter 6 - Your Love Is A Lie

Chapter 7 - I Miss You

Chapter 8 - Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Chapter 9 - I Never Told You

Chapter 10 - Come In With The Rain

Chapter 11 - Who Will I Be?

Chapter 12 - Dark Blue Tennesse

Chapter 13 - All I Want For Christmas Is You

Chapter 14 - Ours

Chapter 15 - Undivided

Chapter 16 - Just A Kiss

Chapter 17 - Mistake

Chapter 18 - Last Goodbye

Chapter 19 - More Than This

Chapter 20 - The Outside

Chapter 21 - A Thousand Years

Chapter 22 - Fearless

Chapter 23 - Happy

Chapter 24 - Me And You


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Of The Cotton Candy Sorts

Author: Mary

Description: You tell Louis that you secretly like Harry, and he knows who Harry likes but is sworn to secrecy. The boys and yourself are at the mall where everyone splits up, expect you and Harry. You guys have a cotton candy war and you and Harry talk about how you each like.

Word Count: 1400

Content Warning: none


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Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: One Direction (Band)
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Niall Horan/Zayn Malik, Ziall - Relationship
Characters: Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Eleonor Calder, Original Character, The Malik Family, The Horan Family
Additional Tags: Fluff, ziall, American Dream - Freeform, Journey, Alternate Universe, AU, World Travel, Same-Sex Marriage, Drunken Flirting, Drunkenness, drunken decisions, dumb, Marriage, Honeymoon, kind of fake honeymoon tbh, but enjoyable!, LOADS OF FUN, falling in love somewhere in between, Idiots in Love, Boys In Love, loads of fluff in general, Fake/Pretend Relationship, Pretend to be dating, kind of

“You gotta just stick with me and it’ll be alright.” said Niall, and this is pretty much what Zayn did.
Or the AU where Zayn meets Niall in some club in Los Angeles and they’re drunk enough to get married because it seems like fun and then they kinda decide that travelling together enjoying their “honey moon” pretending it’s all real might be a good idea (before the planned divorce obviously).

I really don’t know if i’m ready to see them,until they’re together,like only four boys because in my mind and in my heart they still the five boys who i fall in love 4 years ago.

This isn’t just an ordinary love story. It’s about a boy who catches a girl after she already fell in love, hard. This is the girl who is afraid to love again because she has already lost so much.

Chapter 5

We’ve been working hard on practicing the song. We even came up with a dance routine. It’s pretty complicated and I trip a lot of the time but I’m working on it. Show time’s in 1 day. I’m so nervous….

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