The Last Shadow Puppets- A Wondrous Place

A Wondrous Place

Last week I was asked to curate the Northern Spirit theatre company’s new project A Wondrous Place. The project is a collaborative piece from some of the best writers in the north of England and I am over the moon to have been chosen to be part of that. In the build up to a new show by Northern Spirit a collective of writers, whose own blogs and projects are fundamentally based upon a love for where they live, have come together to celebrate the north.

My week followed in the footsteps of many wonderful writers, some of whom I already followed with interest, including Natalie Bradbury of The Shrieking Violet and Dan Feeney of In a Town So Small. 

The theme for my week was Cottonopolis: A Skyline Reimagined, a journey through the skyline of Manchester with architect Joseph Sunlight as head of the city’s planning department. I cover proposals that the city denied and buildings we demolished, but with Sunlight at the helm approving these visions and denying demolitions. It’s a fictional account of actual plans and buildings and it’s Manchester as Cottonopolis - a Chicago-inspired, noir novel of a city. 

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Denim denim

Contemplating leaf life
through glaze of rawstone
Crimson earthless beach doodle
gentle harmonious ebb n’ flow
Grab a veggie burger with slimey green pepper slice slug oozballing off the sides
taking my top off on the hood of the whitelight bug


Sum mellow Pa in peachy corduroy holding his baby girl’s hand
We rode horses all the time, in Morrocco
Albino Arabians with reverb
a wondrous place

from inside my carpet bag my forearm floats
dangling from high heaven
crown chakraland
green’s the only color to stay behind on Earth
the rest of ‘em peaced out into vibration squeek
Outer realm alienfirefarts
dancing around in enlightenment
too far out for my meat body with
finger tentacles looking for…
artistic carpenter partner
to saunter down avocado aisle
of strange supermarket on the road
to build me moon seaside shackhut
and any simple shelf
I be your muse, woman, ever unfurling passion bud
twilight sand dune explorer
deep depths of gut magic

kahli-kat asked:

Wake up prompt thing for kahli, cause mobile

The Golden Saucer. Such a wondrous place filled with fun and merriment. Y'Kahna had literally spent all night there before realizing that she had. After the trip back, she stumbled sleepily into her room at the inn, only to find Kahli asleep on her bed.

She grumbled, making her way to the bathroom, and filling a cup of water. She walked walked back, sipping the cup as she stared at the Keeper who slept comfortably in the bed that Kahna herself had been paying for.

She set the cup on the nightstand, setting it right on the edge, nearest the bed as she leaned over, her lips softly brushing Kahli’s ear. “Kahli… Sweetheart, it’s time to wake up,” she cooed softly.

Kahli groaned, rolling over in the bed. “Mmmno.”

Kahna sighed softly, straightening herself up and crossing her arms. “Fine. I didn’t want to sleep on a wet bed anyway.”

“Mmm-what?” Kahli answered drowzily.

Kahna huffed, turning quickly and smacking the cup of water with her powerful tail, sending water flying all over Kahli, and the bed. “Like I said. Wet sheets.”


I feel my lungs inflate with the scenery, air, mountains, trees and people. This is what it is to be happy. To be mindful and grateful for the wondrous place I have the absolute blessing to call home is so unreal 🌲🗻


All games like this have going for them is size. The game is “huge,” it has “millions of planets to explore,” all of which are “totally unique.” Should I care about that? Despite the impressive technical accomplishments of procedurally generating this content, it has no direct relevance on the question: “is it fun to play?”

It seems most of you can do to interact with these wondrous places is move slowly through them. With all the simulation capabilities, you’d think they’d put more effort into an engaging physics model. But even when you’re in a starship there’s no convincing sense of speed.

You can also shoot things, of course. Or you can trade– which seems like you’re making some numbers go up and others go down. What endless possibilities! What a rich examination of the myriad possibilities of galactic culture and politics.