"Fundamentally, cow’s milk is a substance designed by nature for baby cows, not for humans. We are the only species that drinks the milk intended for the young of other species, and we are the only species that insists on drinking milk beyond the time of weaning. It seems we cannot bear the thought of growing up and leaving home. Perhaps we long for infancy and the peaceful oblivion of our mother’s breast, and if hers isn’t available, then we’ll use the breast of any lactating mother, even if she’s a cow and we have to kill her babies to get to it. Just as the complete unnaturalness of humans killing and eating animals is obvious if we contemplate trying to do it without implements, so is the drinking of milk.

Of all the mammals, it is the cow whose maternal instinct has been perhaps the most obvious and celebrated: her gentle and patient eyes, her natural mothering way with her calf, licking and feeding and watching over her baby, and her loud lamenting when the calf is taken from her. She cannot fight the hands that steal her offspring away, or speak to us in human words, telling us how deeply it hurts her. But it is obvious to anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear. For us to ignore her suffering, and the suffering of her calf—hundreds, thousands, millions of times over—is to ignore and deny our own decency. There is a deep and terrible transgression in this, the unnatural coveting of the calf’s mother’s milk several thousand years ago, and the building of a whole culture around the stealing of milk, the killing of the mother and her children, and justifying the whole horrific thing by mythologizing it: the Lord promising us the land of milk and honey. This violent theft of milk from enslaved mothers planted seeds of war and exploitation that are tragically almost completely invisible. Today, our culture takes milk for granted! It is aggressively promoted around the world. How can we ever hope for peace when we practice such shameful violence on such a massive scale?”

Excerpted from The World Peace Diet by Dr. Will Tuttle

Live vegan and keep families together.

TPS Vigil February 2015

Like us, pigs do not have much hair on their bodies. Thus, those in slaughter trucks traveling on the highway and waiting outside the killing facility really suffer. We have seen frostbite and signs of hypothermia in every truck. It has even been documented, that some pigs will freeze to the sides of the trucks, thus having to be “pried” off when they reach the slaughterhouse. Such pain is unimaginable. Then, once they reach the killing facility, they are violently herded inside through the use of kicking, pushing, and electric prods, and then in an attempt to render them unconscious (we say attempt because a fair number of pigs are still conscious when they have their throats slit), they are packed into a gas chamber in groups. The cage which holds the crowded pigs will be lowered into a pit with high CO2 gas concentration. It takes about 30 seconds or longer for (most of) the pigs to be rendered unconscious, during which they experience respiratory distress, thus causing them to panic, squeal, throw their heads around, and climb over one another in a desperate attempt to escape as they gasp for air. There is no other word for this except torture. Killing a being can never be “humane”; they will fight for life as hard as they can, just as any of us would. 

Live vegan.

Learn about Toronto Pig Save and join our vigils.

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45% of all land-use is taken up by the animal agriculture system. Aroung 85% of soy grown is fed to farmed animals which causes massive environmental degredation and wastes huge quantites of water. 18% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions are caused by animal agriculture. 70% of former forests in the Amazon have been destroyed to create room for grazing land and animal-raising facilities. 

We all care about climate change. It is arguably the biggest issue currently facing our species, and the facts above are quite frightening. So what can you, as someone who cares about our planet, do? Live vegan!


Where Do You Get Your PROTEIN On A Vegan Diet? | Dr  Greger of Nutritionfacts.org

Protein can be a great concern when considering a vegan diet- where do you get it?  How much is enough? This video is the first in a series addressing the most common nutritional concerns for a vegan diet.  I’m honored to be joined by Michael Greger, M.D. of nutritionfacts.org to demystify vegan protein sources.  To track your own protein, check out Cronometer here: http://www.BiteSizeVegan.com/Cronometer

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Since my amazingly kind ex SD Charming sent me some money I decided to use it for the greater good and finally stop eating like total crap (seriously those two weeks I was living off carbs and processed foods were the worst, it felt like my workouts were pointless at that point because I was ingesting garbage. my belly felt so bloated the whole time…but I digress) I’m now going to try going vegan for 21 days. Which based on how much groceries at whole foods cost I will be using most of the cash he sent me on just that during these three weeks tis $$$, but its a good investment I’d say. My meatsack body pack is what transports my mind and soul around after all.

I admit I feel a twinge of guilt whenever I eat animal products, meats specifically, I’ve always felt bad for it (was a vegetarian for 2 years 12-14) especially as I learn more and more about the industry. I don’t plan on staying vegan past the three weeks, maybe I wont even be a vegetarian (pescetarian perhaps?) but I would very much like to learn how to cook without the use of animal products and become more mindful of what I ingest. 
If you’ve been following me for a couple months you know I do the master cleanse now and then as a way to help my body out and kick off eating healthily. I have been eating much better since I last did the cleanse at the end of december, but it doesn’t feel like quite enough.
I’m also not going to be drinking during this time. While I do hope to get more toned through the process of not drinking and veganism as I continue work out several times a week, it is also something I truly want to do for myself mentally and hope to learn from in the long run.

Thank you Charming!


If you consider yourself an environmentalist, if you consider yourself as someone who cares about climate change, watch this video. We MUST become vegan to save our dear mother earth. 

I'm a vegetarian but...

Vegans and vegetarians that make their significant other eat the way they do are a disgrace. It’s one thing to suggest it, and promote it and educate people on it. It’s a totally other deal to be like “I don’t love you cause you eat burgers.” Fuck outta here with that. It’s their body and if they wanna put cows in there fine. You don’t have to agree with it or like it, or eat it. So fuck you guys.

[We] examined vegan, vegetarian, and omnivorous diets, both organically and conventionally grown, and found that the organically grown vegan diet had the most potential health benefits…. The organically grown vegan diet also had the lowest estimated impact on resources and ecosystem quality…. Beef was the single food with the greatest projected impact on the environment; other foods estimated to have high impact included cheese, milk, and seafood.