I could hear my dad playing Wildest Dreams downstairs … turns out he’s teaching it to himself on the guitar.

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OH MY GOD THIS IS SO FUCKING GLORIOUS what is our name then if we’re not the good fans? We need a name to represent delusional crack. I need someone to DRAW YOUR TAGS ALSO

HMMM well if the black petticoat society is a play on the spies hanging up black petticoats and we are in some way bad versus their good, i suppose that makes us the British (delusional King George? even arguably s1 Hewlett), and thus something to do with red coats…

maybe we’re just the little oysters 

as for my tags i mean


i’m not sure they deserve more than my own stick figure ability because good god like good god

Repost from @napoletane I already know what giving up feels like, i want to see what happens if i don’t. Turn your dreams into plans #athensthrowdown #crossfit #crossfitgirl #dream #girlswholift #competition #likeagirl #lunges #ArmedForAction #reebokfr @reebokfr #bemorehuman #girlswhodocrossfit #girlmeetsstrong

About a month ago, I came up with an idea for Starbucks’s share of community involvement. I brought the idea to my boss, and he told me that if I could arrange the details, then we’d get involved. I am happy to announce that Starbucks Bethel is officially part of the Clintonville CRC Midgarden Community Garden. In our plot, we will be growing organic fruits and vegetables that will be donated to Hope Hollow, a nonprofit that provides lodging for cancer survivors and patients, as well as their loved ones, completely free.

While Starbucks Bethel has partnered with Hope Hollow for a while now, we were only able to offer them our leftover pastries and coffee. Now, we will be donating our harvest to this organization so that visitors have the choice of a healthy smoothie as well.

The plot was just obtained today, but I’ll keep everyone posted with our progress. Let it be said that little dreams can turn into tangible success. It may seem small, but it is significant and will make a difference.

I can’t wait to see what good comes from this!

things you should not think about your otp doing

-Person A waking up in the morning and turning over to tell Person B about their dream, only to realise that Person B doesn’t sleep in their bed anymore

-Person A getting distracted while they’re setting the table and accidentally setting a place for Person B

-Person A picking up the phone to call Person B and then putting the phone down again when they realize

-Person A grabbing a cushion whilst they watch a horror movie because they need Person B’s hand to hold

-Person A walking down a supermarket aisle and having to close their eyes because otherwise they’ll burst into tears at the sight of Person B’s favorite chocolate bar

-Person A spending hours sitting and looking through photo albums, carefully stroking Person B’s face with their thumb, because they know that they can never touch Person B again

-Person A not wanting to tidy up the house because Person B helped make that mess and they don’t want to forget about them

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Scenario where Daichi, Kuroo, and Oikawa's s/o accidently calls them "Captain" instead of their name hehehe (can turn nsfw if you want) :333

|| From now on I’m calling these three the unholy captain trinity omg. Also I’ll keep it sfw for now :DD ||

Waking up his partner is no doubt a challenge. Daichi had used countless of ways to get them to wake up from gently shaking and finding himself smacked by their pillow. However, he made sure that this time he won’t fail, especially since he had plans with them today. “Rise and shine,” He began, lying next to them. “Mn…” They groaned, “Five more minutes.” They turned to their side before basking yet again in the comfort of dream land. However, that was the spiker’s intention in the first place as he began to plant soft kisses on the back of their neck. Such made them squeak a bit, opening their eyes. “C-captain…!” They whined, squirming a bit. An awkward pause made its way as Daichi found his cheeks reddening in embarrassment as his companion covered their face with their pillow.

If there’s one thing one should know about being in a relationship with Kuroo, it’s the fact he loves kisses and cuddles. It all started with little quick kisses on their face and calling them adorable; the next thing his lover knew was that their lips met, which lead to a rather steamy make out session. Their arms draped over his neck, bodies close to one another, kisses growing more steamy by the minute… Schoolwork was currently the last thing on their minds. Pulling back, his significant other was left breathless. “…Captain…” They spoke in a whisper. It was enough to get the male taken aback at first; only to smirk right after. His partner seemed to get what was going on in his head. “You should call me captain more often.” He chuckled softly, capturing their lips for another passionate kiss.

Affectionate and a bit of a clingy type, Oikawa was one to usually seek the attention of his beloved when the time was appropriate for it despite their presence being more than enough for him. Arms around their waste as they looked for a book to read through, the setter rested his head onto theirs. They couldn’t help but sigh, smiling to themselves as they pretended not to notice him. Such made him pout a bit, holding them tighter in his arms as he kissed the crown of their head. “Yes, Captain?” Immediately realizing their mistake, they covered their mouth. However, it seemed that it was more than enough to get to crack a good laugh from the brunette. “I like it when you call me captain.” He teased, resulting to the Grand King being lightly elbowed by his companion.


Dawn Phoenix, real name Dawn Sveda, was born in Larnaca, Cyprus She moved to London, England, as a toddler with her family. She grew up wanting to be a “Page Three” girl - topless models featured in the newspaper and as soon as she turned 18 she began pursuing that dream.

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lmao every time I try to imagine them dancing while cooking together my dreams take a wrong turn and all of the sudden they're dancing to yung thug I CANT HELP MYSELF EVER SINCE I READ YUNG THUG IS CALVINS FAVORITE RAPPER I KEEP PICTURING THEM LISTENING TO HIM


Kelly woke up that morning and was incredibly turned on. Her dream during the night was of her being fucked by an unknown man and it was incredibly hot. He had her bent over a table and was just pounding into her. That was pretty much the reason for her having to take care of herself when she woke up. She slid her hand down her white panties and began to touch herself. She let out a contented sigh as she let her thumb rub against her aching clit. She was in such a fog of lust that she didn’t even hear her bedroom door open and footsteps walk in. 

sometimes if I’m half asleep I’ll still have dreams and toss and turn and stuff and a few times I’d just be sleeping or having a normal dream when all of a sudden my body decides it wants to turn over and face the other way but instead of doing it normally I’ll for WHATEVER REASON sit up (and yes, I’ll still be asleep) and SLAM myself down on my bed facing the other way and I always wake myself up and I don’t know why it’s super ridiculous because it’s happened to me 3 times recently and idk I don’t think my brain knows how to function properly in the morning

WEATHER REPORT - XVIII THE MOON. A day in the shadow realm! Oh, goodie! The external world might not make a whole lot of sense today, but your inner world is lit up like it’s midday all day long. The Moon says that our more rational tools for making decisions and analyzing situations aren’t working as normal, and instead we are invited to turn to more whimsical and mysterious modes of operating. Instead, look to your dreams, intuitions, subconscious influences. What is ordinarily hidden will bubble to the surface in this strange lunar light. Don’t be alarmed! Try to go with it, see where it leads! #tarot #tarotoftheday #cardoftheday #tarotcards #dailytarot #tarotreadings #esoteric #newage #occult #professionaltarot #twosidestarot #vscocam #marseillecatstarot #marseilletarot


Absolutely do not think about Ziam while listening to this song. 

“I wish I could paint our love
These moments and vibrant hues
Love play, turns in to gun play
Gun play turns into pillow talk
Pillow talk turns into sweet dreams
Sweet dreams turns into coffee in the morning”

I buy so many cashew nut noodles from wok on in they have started greeting me by name when I turn up. A little while longer and I will achieve my dream of asking for “the usual”.

Dear love,
I know you went to sleep a couple of hours ago. And I know I should be sleeping to because I have school in the morning, and I have made a habit out of four hours of sleep. But oh, how the thought of you keeps me up. When I sleep my mind turns blank. A black screen. The televisions turned off. As blank as the skipped question you were not aware of. Dream of me, for I can not dream of you. Dream of me, dream of us, dream of you.

Dear love,
Dream of the future past and present.

Dear love,
Dream like the make believers that can’t get out of bed.

Dear love,
Dream like I am a girl you never met, never saw, never talked to.

Dear love,
Dream like you love me. Like you say you do.

Dear love,
Dream like a promise. So full and so true.

Oh, my dear love,
Dream like its the dream,you dream, to live.

—  Kalysta Ali