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alistair and cullen being bitter rivals? more like if the boys were romanced someone would only have to hint about the warden and/or the inquisitor and the pair spend hours going on about how amazing their respective partner is


honestly i think tiny them would probably be like…… slight assholes to each other like some sitcom rival kinda shit going on bc they were sooo different at this point theyre literal opposites and still dumb teenage boys so there would probably be some tensions there 

while their adult counterparts would probably be polite and try to be nice while throwing some slight shade referencing their templar training days. then conversation turns pleasant enough. then someone brings up something cool the inquisitor did. then alistair scoffs. then it becomes a full blown ‘my wife is better than yours and heres is evidence proving that’ mortal kombat 

neither will concede. theyre still going at it like 4 hours later. skyhold is on fire. children are screaming. millions are dead

Wow, this turned out better than I thought it would! xD Thanks for the request, remember you can send me any PJO/HoO prompt and I’ll write it :) Pairing: Jason/Percy, non-sexual. 1,650 words.

There was largely a truce between the two Camps after Leo’s death.

Losing fighters – friends, family – to Gaea’s forces sobered the Campers up. Before the Romans left for California, the Greeks even gave them a peace offering in the form of pie. The Romans accepted.

And although there was no more political tension between the largely independent groups, everyone breathed a little easier when they saw the eagles fly home with their masters. Camp Half-Blood returned to its normal, lively self, with a few notable loses.

It took a lot out of Campers not to talk about those who went down fighting that fateful day. Eating at a table where they knew someone was missing proved too hard for some, and they would quietly sit on the steps to the dining pavilion, like they were waiting for their comrades to return. Bedtime could be a lonely time as well, as bunks waited to be filled. Everyone’s prayers were similar those first few weeks.

Of the seven Demigods who left for the ancient lands, only four remained. Percy and Annabeth, of course, as well as Piper, who had to lead the Aphrodite Cabin. Reyna, Frank and Hazel took Nico to New Rome with them, and Jason insisted on staying back. He had a few shrines to build before he could go home. He sat with Piper on the pavilion steps at meals, wishing his sister was there.

Three weeks after the fiery explosion in the sky, Jason cleared his throat and waited for Piper to look at him. She did. “What’s up, superman?”

“I, uh…” he trailed off.

She smiled encouragingly at him in her special way. “You okay?”

He nodded, and closed his mouth. The moment had passed, and he couldn’t say it. They continued eating.

<> <> <>

Jason found solace in Percy after his fiery friend blew up to smithereens. His former rival – the one he’d battled in Kansas – became a comfort and a refuge. His arms were strong, chest warm and heart steady as he held Jason at night. The moonlight was the only onlooker to their quiet moments together. “You alright?” Percy would whisper. Jason would shake his head and the tears would come again, hot and salty against Percy’s shirt. He felt like a little boy in his arms, weak and vulnerable. Percy never called him a wimp, or talked about it in the morning. He just let him slowly recover in his embrace.

<> <> <>

That night the tears didn’t come, though images kept flashing in the back of Jason’s eyeballs as always. Festus, Piper, Leo, Gaea… they swirled in his mind like a hurricane, threatening to leap out of control. But the warmth against his cheek kept him grounded, the hand on his back stabilizing him.

“What are you thinking?” Percy asked.

Jason shrugged, knowing that if he could just talk about it things would get easier. It was like having Tyson sit on his chest for a month, barely able to breathe enough air.

Percy put his chin on Jason’s head. “How long do you think you’ll need?”

Suddenly the warmth Jason had felt evaporated, replaced by the cold feelings of guilt. Had Percy only been putting up with him because he had to? Did he want Jason to stop visiting at night? Oh gods, he was so embarrassed. He moved out of his friend’s embrace and stood quickly. Percy looked at him, concerned. “What?”

“Sorry,” Jason muttered and turned to leave, shutting the door behind him and taking off into the night sky as soon as he was outside.

He swirled into the air, the cool wind refreshing against his face. He put on speed and flew towards the lake, which glittered spectacularly under the full moon. ‘Hey, Artemis,’ he thought bitterly as he flew past the sandy beach and the docks. The water was like oil mixed with diamonds.

Diamonds. Diamonds were formed under immense pressure and heat.

Heat. Heat comes from fire.



He slowed down without realizing it, nearly tumbling from the sky. Steadying himself, he wiped his eyes. When was this sadness going to stop?

<> <> <>

“What the hell, dude?” Percy confronted him the next morning at the cereal bar in the pavilion.

Jason gave him a warning look – they weren’t supposed to be talking about his visits in public.

“I thought you were in trouble,” Percy said quietly but fiercely. Why did he have to be so dominating? “Don’t do that again.”

Jason hesitated. He wanted to be on good terms with Percy again – he couldn’t fall asleep last night, feeling bad for taking advantage of his friendship. “I’m sorry for being a mess.”

Percy hesitated, and his eyes softened a hint. “I didn’t mean it like that last night. I meant to ask how long you can keep doing this to yourself.”

Jason shook his head and poured milk into his bowl. He didn’t know.

<> <> <>

Percy insisted Jason come back to Cabin three with him after the campfire that night. “I need your support,” he told him, making Jason feel a little less guilty. He hated feeling like a little boy who couldn’t do anything for himself, but maybe this was how he would get back to himself. Get over— no, he couldn’t even think the name.

They talked for a while, until Percy went to shower and Jason sat on his bed and waited, looking at his feet. At 11 o’clock there was a knock on the door, and Jason turned off the lights. He knew he wasn’t supposed to be here after lights out, but it’s not like Percy would tell.

He sat on the bed until Percy returned, wearing a tank top and PJ bottoms. “You wanna shower?” he asked, drying his hair with a towel in the light from the open bathroom door. Jason shook his head. “You want me to leave?”

“No, man,” Percy said, dropping the towel on the floor and turning off the light. “Stay a while.”

Percy got on the bed and lay down. “I wish he was still here. I miss his tinkering, his jokes.”

“Yeah,” Jason said, barely heard. “He was something.”

“Remember what Nico said,” Percy replied. “He might not be gone entirely.”

Jason nodded. Thinking this way was even worse, because he felt it would ultimately lead to disappointment.

“Get over here,” Percy said after a moment.

Jason skidded next to him, lying down as well. For a few minutes they were still on the bed, until Percy sighed. “Why do I have to always make the first move?”

He reached out his arm and Jason poked his side for teasing, but he cuddled into his friend like he’d never done with any other guy. Pulling his feet up, he listened to the fast beat of Percy’s heart. He was totally cool with this – it wasn’t weird. Just two best friends doing what best friends did.

Then Percy pulled up the blanket, and it got a little weird. “Perc?”


“Should I stay?”


Jason’s eyelids were already heavy from last night, but being so close to Percy under the blanket was very warm. Scratch that – he was getting hot.

He shuffled out of Percy’s grip, and got off the bed. Before he could change his mind, he pulled his shirt over his head and quickly unbuttoned his cargo shorts, pulling them down. He stood in his plaid boxer shorts, and quickly got back under the blanket to escape the cold. Returning to his previous position, he felt much better. “Sorry, hope this isn’t weird. I can’t sleep in my day clothes.”

“Nah,” Percy said like he was trying not to let it bug him. After a moment, he moved. “Actually…”

He got up, pulled down his pants, and returned in boxer briefs. “Better.”

Jason poked him again, grinning. He was a good friend.

<> <> <>


Jumping to attention from his slumber, Jason blinked in the light. “What?”

“Get up!” Percy said, already pushing back the blanket. His black hair was messed from the pillow, and he had red marks from the sheet’s folds on his arms.

Jason rubbed his face, remembering where he was – and how he slept the entire night. “What happened?”

“There’s a head counselors meeting right now!”

Jason’s stomach dropped as he remembered. They were both the leaders of their Cabins – they needed to be there. “Fuck.”

They both jumped off the bed and grabbed clothes from the floor, not even bothering to pull on their shirts until they were already running towards the Big House on the hill.

Exploding into the commons room, Jason and Percy made everyone turn from the pool table. Chiron was there in his wheelchair, along with Mr. D (drinking something from a dark goblet), and a representative for each of the Cabins.

Annabeth looked up from her notes, unimpressed. “Boys,” she said as a greeting.

“Sorry we’re late,” they said together, and then looked at each other and grinned. They stood in the doorway for a second.

“Jason,” Annabeth said after looking at them. “Aren’t those Percy’s?”


“Your pants.”

Jason glanced down and nearly fell over – how had he pulled on Percy’s pajamas from last night without noticing? He looked at his friend, and swallowed hard. Percy was wearing his shorts.

“Uh,” he muttered smartly. “We, um, I…”

Everyone was going to find out now – they would know that they were spending nights together, even if it was in a totally not-weird way. He’d be embarrassed for the rest of his life.

Percy cleared his throat. “Laundry day,” he explained. “You know how it is.”

Jason shrugged to show he agreed. As if that explained anything.

The son of Poseidon walked casually to his seat (the pants were really too big for him) and looked around at his grinning peers. “Shall we start?”

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what made lexa follow clarke into the woods after she left the meeting?

Lexa knew she was right. Waiting for Clarke’s friend in Mount Weather would be foolish. But the way Clarke had looked when she had said this- her eyes had flickered away like she had betrayed her trust- hurt Lexa more than it should have.

As Clarke excused herself from the meeting, Lexa stared down the man who had practically spit at Clarke. He was angry and ruthless. And he sought to ruin their already precarious peace.

She would follow him after he left, to make sure he did nothing to jeopardize their truce. 

She would not let him harm this alliance. She would not let him harm Clarke.