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“What were bens comments about it Molly's breasts?” He said she had great ones. It wasn’t out of thin air, it was in direct reference to Sherlock’s ASIB insults being very mean and not true (Sherlock says the lipstick is to “compensate for her breasts”). I could have lived without it but I got what he meant. Also, I saw the skeptic Tweet the fan with the baby and ask her if the baby was real or a doll. Wtf? This fan had a good experience with BC, please don’t be such a dick to people.

Thanks anon for explaining.

ok so this has been a really good day for me so sit down get ready for a story buddy

first of all I went out wearing this

which is a reference to Sherlock.

and I had drawn these on myself with eyeliner

(reference to doctor who)

(reference to dan&phil)

anyway I went into hot topic and gUESS WHAT SONG WAS PLAYING it was The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide Is Press Coverage by Panic! at the Disco and I fangirled a little and then I found a ton of P!ATD shirts that I hadn’t seen before aND THEN another P!ATD song came on it was Build God, Then We’ll Talk and I sang along of course and while that was happening I found tHIS SHIRT



Shock Top

For batik96 who suggested John’s reaction to Sherlock with short hair, for a case or due to an experiment. A quickly written ficlet.

“Anything new going on in London that we should know about?” John asked absentmindedly without glancing up from the paper he was reading. The “Um” followed by a pause, then a clearing of the throat was so unlike Sherlock, that John set down the paper immediately and rose only to be so stunned into shock at the sight that he had to sit back down.
Sherlock stood in front of him, nervously rocking on his heels, his head devoid of it’s mop of curls. His head, in John’s mind, was practically shorn. His dark hair, the auburn more pronounced with it’s short cut, now looked closer to John’s own usual military cut, that for a second John didn’t believe his eyes.
“Wha-? Wh-?“John stammered each sound punctuated by a pause and disbelieving hand gesture, “What the hell happened to your hair?” he finally managed to spit out.
“Weeeelll,” Sherlock tried for humor, but the dark look on John’s face cut him off. “You see, I was testing the flammability of fabrics – Really fire retardant is humorous at best, John – and unfortunately combined with the other chemicals in the lab, there was a minor explosion,” Sherlock held up his fingers for emphasis on minor, “and it might have singed my hair.”
“Might have? MIGHT HAVE?” John shouted, “Sherlock you practically have no hair. It didn’t singe your hair, it burned it clean off!”
“No, no. That’s not entirely true. I tried to cut off the singed part, but it was uneven, so then I tried to even it out and it kept getting shorter and shorter. It looked even worse before Molly got a hold of it.” Sherlock explained.
“Molly cut your hair?” John’s face was red with anger.
“No, I cut my hair, Molly ‘styled’ it. I promise you, it was not pretty before she got her hands on it.” Sherlock looked pleadingly at John. “Look you can still run your fingers through it.” Sherlock attempted to ruffle his hair in an attempt to pacify John. His long fingers barely made a dent in the short tufts.
John huffed. “Come here.”
Sherlock went meekly and knelt in front of John’s chair his head bowed. John slowly began to run his fingers through the new haircut. It wasn’t the same as the thick curls he was used to but Sherlock responded the same, relaxing into the touch. “Idiot” John thought to himself but began to get used to the new feeling under his fingertips.
“One would think you of all people would know better than to have open flames near chemicals.” John said as he continued to explore the short hair at the nape of Sherlock’s neck, mourning the loss of the little curl that used to be there.
“One would think that a product labeled flame retardant would be. We need to alert the manufacturer as soon as you’re done here. But don’t rush.” Sherlock was limp at John’s touch, his head now in John’s lap.
“It’ll grow back,” John reaffirmed to himself out loud.
“Yes, John, it’s just hair, it’ll grow back. Now hush and keep doing what you’re doing,” Sherlock sighed.
John smiled. It was just hair, but in his mind, it couldn’t grow back fast enough.


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Can’t handle a broken heart...

Have you ever thought what actually Sherlock means here?

Whose broken heart can’t Mycroft handle?

His own? Maybe Sherlock refers to a situation that happened in the past and resulted in this brother’s loneliness?

Or, and it struck me lately, Mycroft’s inability to handle a broken heart relates to Sherlock and his situation after John left him for Mary and Mycroft doesn’t know how to deal with his younger brother’s emotional problems again?

Conan Doyle/BBC Sherlock reference masterlist

An attempted list of all references to ACD canon in BBC Sherlock (plus other notes and commentary).  I will update as new episodes air.

Part 1: Study in Scarlet, Sign of Four, and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.
Part 2: The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
Part 3: The Hound of the Baskervilles, The Return of Sherlock Holmes
Part 4: His Last Bow and The Valley of Fear
Part 5: The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes

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Many people point out the drug use in Sherlock Holmes, but there are more references to Sherlock Holmes laughing than there are to taking cocaine or morphine but, oddly enough, people never think about that. I understand why, but the important thing is to not get it out of context with the rest of the character.
—  Mark Gatiss, x
Autistic!Sherlock in Elementary: S3E20 - “A Stitch In Time”

Each autistic [coded] recap featured on ASIE can be read here.

ASIE is also on twitter, which is located here.

Comfort clothes: Long sleeve shirt buttoned to the very top, accompanied with his tight jacket.

Social niceties (or lack thereof):

  • Sherlock brings the bees into the Brownstone to inspect them for Varroa mites without asking Joan if it was alright first.
  • Sherlock referring to Hannah Gregson as a “beat cop”, and claims that she is a “middling” investigator, despite that he’s only talked to her maybe twice.
  • Sherlock doubting Joan’s ability to see that “something” in a detective that Sherlock saw in her.

Special interest: Bees. Specifically, protecting his bees using preventative measures against colony collapse disorder. One could say that his focus on colony collapse disorder is an extension of his special interest in bees. [Because bees]

Sherlock bouncing when he doesn’t answer Joan’s question on whether or not it was her table destroyed during the bee inspection.

Sherlock bouncing as he discussed Garrison Boyd’s blog (that Sherlock liked) with M.E. Hawes.


  • Sherlock calls a recent debunkee of Boyd’s blog, “insane”.
  • Sherlock calls Finn a “charismatic loon” when first describing the case to Joan at the precinct.
  • Colin Eiseley refers to Garrison Boyd as a “lunatic”.
  • [This post between viennateng and beanarie makes excellent points between calling out ableism & insanism, and the inconsistency since the pilot]

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how to make me angry

- any reference to john’s wedding feast

- any bad french use in sherlock’s fics

- any reference to jean-jacques ‘i love women’s uterus because they can produce sons and that’s the only important thing they can offer us’ rousseau

- fucking fake bitch madeline