Bellarke (Modern) AU: Bellamy and Clarke happily married, and making love.


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Angie calling Peggy asking if they should get a dog. Angie calling Peggy five minutes later asking what kind of dog they would get should they get a dog. Angie calling Peggy 2 hours later saying she got them a dog.

These headcanons are the best I’m squealing. Okay, let me just..

From room to room: Peggy had a bad day and is like really angry, cursing in her room for whatever reason. Angie is in her own room across the hallway and hear everything. She calls Peggy, and Peggy picks up super annoyed like “wHAT ?!”, then Angie tells a super super super lame joke, there’s a silence and Peggy hangs up. After a few seconds, Angie smiles as she hear Peggy laughing and say “that was awful” loud enough to know it was addressed to her. 

I just really hope that one day when you’ll love someone as much as I loved you and they don’t feel about you the same, they’ll instead of going to other people and tell them that they’re sorry, they’ll come to you and talk with you. I hope that they’ll treat you with respect and will take care of your feelings. I hope they won’t handle the situation the way you did.
—  You really broke my heart

Request: I had a really bad day. Like, a really bad day. To the point where my friends were concerned when I started crying as we left the school. Could you do a oneshot where The reader just starts crying randomly bc she is just under a lot of stress and ( yes I’m changing things up ) castiel comforts her and tries to calm her down by doing lots of fluffy cuddly things for her? Castiel x reader please.

Request: Hi I was wondering if you could write something where Cas comforts the reader? Also happy Monday! And happy belated birthday 😘

Request: I’m so excited that it’s Monday! :D could you write a Castiel/Reader Drabble, if it isn’t too much trouble with Castiel and the reader cuddling after she’s had a bad day

Request: Can I request one for reader X castiel based on the song “monster” by skillet like reader is having really bad depression issues and anger towards herself and cas comes in to make her feel better and then they start dating? Please? :)

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Chronically ill on a:

Good day: "Perhaps I’m not sick.. it’s just all in my head and I’ve fooled everyone.. "

Decent day: “Shower or food.. shower.. or.. food..”

Bad day: “I’ll stay here and die for myself, nobody loves me, everything hurts, but I’m tough. I got this.”

Really bad day: "I’m mentally preparing myself to amputate a limb right now cause it hurts so freaking bad, SOMEONE HAVE 911 ON SHORTCUT."

ive been.feeling really bad these last few days.vry bad ive just been sitting around cryjng for no reason and i want to stop doing anything or talking to ppl fora while but i keep accidently logging onto stuff and getting more upset so.ths is just headsup im most likely going to be doing nothing for a little while and wont post /do stuff(at least try not to) im sorry

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Hi! I love your blog! I've had a pretty shitty few days (got some really bad family news) and was wondering if you had any AUs where they are both famous? Preferably more fluffy but its ok if its not.

Sorry you’ve had such a bad time of it. :( Hopefully these will help you out! 

#OTP: Assholes in Love by stilesanderek (minxxx)

Rating: Explicit

Word Count: 20192

After being outed as bisexual in a sex tape scandal by his ex-girlfriend Kate, Derek struggles to find an acting job until he finally lands a promising role in an HBO supernatural show called Shapeshifters, in which he plays the main character. Derek instantly falls in love with the cast, with whom he has immense fun with, especially Stiles, whose relationship with Derek consists of mainly sarcastic and teasing remarks.

Which is why when Jackson shows him a fanart of Stiles and him having intense sex he gets confused and doesn’t understand this whole “Sterek” thing Jackson is talking about

Midnight Wolf vs Abominable Snowman! by KuriKuri

Rating: Teen and Up

Word Count: 20409

Derek almost makes the mistake of saying, It’s not fanart, but he manages to catch himself, biting his tongue. This stranger, who’s already identified himself as at least a casual fan of Midnight Wolf, doesn’t need to know that he actually is the artist and author, not just another fan.

Love Is On The Radio by clauxx

Rating: Not Rated

Word Count: 929

"Hollywood Nights’ best player, Derek Hale, and infamous drummer of The Sparks, Stiles Stilinski, contacted us this week to set up an interview. What they wanted to talk about? Their relationship!"

Or the one where my lovely wife sexonfire24 made me a gifset and tumblr user srickeral asked me to write a fic for it.

in an orbit all the way around you by DasWarSchonKaputt

Rating: Mature

Word Count: 3092

They’ve won Cutest Celebrity Couple at the Teen Choice Awards for three years running now, and there’s a part of Stiles that tells him it might be time to step aside and give some of the others a chance.

But, as Danny told him the first time he and Derek were nominated, it’s fantastic publicity, and Stiles will never be able to forget the way Derek looked at him with his soul-splitting eyes, like Stiles was worth something more than his face or his voice, when Stiles reached over their trophy and kissed him. Just kissed him, careless and happy, in front of the cameras, the crew, the guests, award pressed between them awkwardly and digging into Stiles’ ribs.

A famous AU, with the McCall Pack as various celebrities.

Dancing With The Moon by starsandgraces

Rating: Explicit

Word Count: 10882

Dancing With The Stars AU. Stiles Stilinski, former child star, has been strong-armed into participating in a reality show by his agent in an attempt to raise his profile and actually get him some work as an adult. With champion dancer Laura Hale on his arm, Stiles might even stand a chance of going all the way. Their only obstacle (aside from Stiles’ complete inability to cha cha cha) is Lydia Martin and her professional partner—Laura’s brother, Derek.

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How would suga be like if his girlfriend had a really bad hard day (like the V one please )

First, he would sit you down, and have you tell him everything that went wrong about the day~

He would be really shocked and annoyed that someone/ something would make you feel bad when he knows how you don’t deserve anything like that in your life~

He would feel your pain, though, and would be sad that you were feeling that way and that he didn’t know soon enough to make you feel better~

So he would do whatever it took to make you smile and laugh again, the first thing acting excited about little things that would make you happy, because cute and excited Yoongi is one of the many best Yoongis~

Then he would bring out his grandpa moves, saying that a little dancing here and singing there is just what the soul needs to feel a bit better, especially when it’s accompanied with his gifts~

Then he would talk to you some more, saying that you didn’t need to feel bad because you had him on your side, even if he was miles away. All you would need to do was send a text or call and he would do whatever was possible to make you happy~

Then he would make a small rap, really rare but very sentimental since it’s on the spot, saying that your problems were going to come and go, but your happiness will always stay because that’s what you deserve~

And then we would tell you that he loved you, for all the problems that you face that he’ll be able to help you forget, for all the times that you were sad because he would be able to make you happy again, and for all the times you came to him when you needed it because it showed that you trusted him in your moments of despair~


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kuroo, asahi, daichi, and suga's respective s/o's or crushes had a really bad day- what do the boys do to cheer them up?? thanks!

Kuroo would cuddle his s/o until they told him to let go. He’s a patient person so if they were planning on opening up and telling him, he’d wait until they were ready. But otherwise, he’d give them kisses all along their face and hands and arms.

Asahi, like Kuroo, would be cuddle central. He’d try to give them uplighting advice and reassure them that things will be fine. They would most likely sit around and enjoy each other’s presence and hold each other.

Daichi would ask them what was wrong and tried to talk it out with them. If they weren’t in the mood for talking, he’d pop in a movie or a game and let them sit in his lap. If they fell asleep, he’d carry them to his bed and lie with them until they woke up.

Sugawara also try to talk it out. He’d want to try to help out his s/o as much as possible. Suga is quite good at giving advice to his peers and is very happy to motivate. He would talk about his own experiences and try to empathize as much as possible.

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Russia, Germany and Italy's reaction to their s/o crying after a really bad day?

Russia/Ivan Braginsky: Ivan is always eager to greet you after you’ve spent a day away from him; he really doesn’t like being separate from you for too long, and seeing you smiling face every evening really makes him feel good no matter how his day had gone. When he instead comes to the doorway to find you in tears, he would take you into his arms without thinking, his alarm for you spiking instantly. He would soothe you with soft whispers and calming noises, running his hand down your back as you sobbed into his chest. Waiting until you were suitably composed, he would then very seriously ask you just who had dared to upset you in such a way- he would see to it that nothing and no one presumed they had a right to make you cry.

Germany/Ludwig Beilschmidt: Ludwig would feel a bubble of rage rise up inside him at the sight of your tearful figure, automatically yearning to know exactly what or who it was that had made you cry. You would look up at him with tear-blurred eyes; your gazes would lock, and you’d suddenly stumble straight into his chest before burying your face in his shirt and sobbing. Ludwig would remain silent; bending down slightly, he would suddenly scoop you up into his arms and carry you into the bedroom, where he would lay with you and allow you to cry until you were ready to tell him exactly what had happened.

Italy/Feliciano Vargas: Spotting the long lines of tears staining your cheeks, Feliciano would automatically feel himself get teary himself. Practically flinging himself into your arms and pulling you tightly to his chest, he would immediately ambush you with a barrage of questions before realizing that he was probably only upsetting you more. He couldn’t stand to see you cry; it hurt his heart. His mind suddenly flashing back to the days of his childhood, when he would often go to his grandfather in tears, he would immediately do just what he remembered Rome doing in those cases; he would probably pull you down to sit right there on the floor, holding you tightly against him and murmuring softly that it was okay, he was here and the two of you were going to make everything all better together.

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Do you feel like spending £2.90 a day on coffee is really bad

Converted to USD, that’s about $4.48. It adds up, I’m sure! If it’s just coffee, there are ways to make what you normally buy at shops back in your kitchen.
I started to heavily rely on coffee once I started college, so I’ve been slowly trying to live without it, haha. Just for fun, here are a couple of things that have helped me stay awake during the day unaided:

  • Be active in the morning. I started working out more regularly this year, and I found that jogging/yoga/core exercises first thing in the morning was super beneficial. Not only am I getting my exercise in before school starts, but doing something physically active quickly wakes me up. Even if I don’t have time to exercise, I plan to head out (in the brisk morning cold—bonus!) to the library, just so I’m not lying around in bed.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast. I, along with many of my friends, built a bad, bad habit of skipping breakfasts during college. We would usually sacrifice a meal for an extra 30 minutes of sleep, but having a healthy breakfast is essential. Healthy is the key word there! Eating a filling breakfast of dining hall biscuits and gravy can also make you sleepy with all of those carbs.
  • Always have small snacks on hand. If I ever find myself about to doze off in class, instead of chugging down coffee to stay awake, I either pull out some cinnamon gum, or a clementine, or granola bar to chew on. Other people doodle, or drink water, but I’ve found eating a small snack is most effective for me. 
  • Get 8-10 hours of sleep. Ultimately, my dependence on coffee started as a result of staying up late and having to get up early. It’s a bad cycle to get into, regardless for whatever reason—school work, partying, hanging with friends. For me, I justified my staying up by saying I can get so much extra work done during the night. A student health counselor once told me to think of it this way: "By sleeping early, you are not wasting valuable time. You are just investing that time into your health, and getting in return an increased efficiency the next morning when you are completely alert and present." I really liked this perspective!
How much does a bad food weekend really hurt your diet? via /r/Fitness

I lift 4-5 days a week, about two months ago I started really limiting my calorie income to shave off some pounds. How much does one bad weekend of junk food, fast food, and liquor really set you behind? I’m sure it’s my developed low tolerance for the unhealthy food, but I always feel bloated, I look a little fatter, and I feel a little worse. Both mentally and physically.

This isn’t like an every other weekend thing, pretty much a special occasion. So it can occur once every 2-4 months. How much do two or three bad days really set you behind? Or is it all in my head?

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Detention with Mr. Bieber

There I sat.. In detention again. Why? Well let me tell you something. I’m not a good girl. I smoke, I drink.. I have an attitude. Now.. The last one is a big issue in school. Teachers can’t handle me so I’m pretty much every day in here. But thanks God that Mr. Bieber is the surveillant. He is really nice and sweet. Oh and did I mention that he is kinda hot? Well.. He is. But today he seemed to have a bad day. He seemed really frustrated.. Maybe sexual frustrated? I don’t know.. But today I was the only one in detention so I decided to chat a little with him. “Mr. Bieber.. Are you alright?” He looked up from his paperwork and checked me out. “Why are you always in detention?” He seemed angry at me. Oh.. This could be funny. “Because school thinks that I don’t have a life after school.” He looked amused now. “Oh? What do you like to do after school?” He frowned. “Well.. I’d say.. Ride some seniors.. Suck some dick.. Just the usual you know?” I loved making people uncomfortable. Although Mr Bieber didn’t seem uncomfortable. He just checked me out, got up and locked the door. He took my hand and walked me towards his desk. “You know.. A bad.. A bad girl like you.. Needs to get punished..” He started breathing heavily and I could feel my thong getting wetter and wetter by every word he said. He pushed me against his desk so now my top was lying on his desk while my bottom was still standing. “Move!” He ordered and pulled my skirt up. Before I realized what he was going to do he hit me with his ruler! I screamed out loud. Fuck.. Why did I enjoy this? “Hmm.. Good girl.. Count with me.” He whispered in my ear. “One..” He hit again, the pain was worse this time. “Two..” And again.. The pain was getting worser and worser. “Three..” And once again.. I could feel that my ass was as red as a tomato. “Four..” He hit harder this time and I cried out. “Five..” I heard the ruler fall on the ground. Fuck.. I already knew I wouldn’t be able to sit down for at least two days. “Hmm good girl..” He whispered once again. He fixed my skirt and turned me around so I could face him. He sat down on his chair and pushed me on my knees. “Now.. If you show me how you suck these little school fella’s of yours and I like it, I’ll let you go. If not, you’ll stay till 6 pm. Understand?” He looked serious and horny at the same time. “Y-yes..” I slowly nodded and gulped. I unzipped his pants and took his dick out of his pants. I gulped once again.
Holy shit.. His dick was so big.. The biggest I’ve ever seen. He saw the look on my face and was amused by it. Oh.. He looked so proud.
Well.. I mean he should be. I slowly took his tip into my mouth. I started to suck it while I wrapped my hand around his massive dick while I kept eye contact. I bobbed my head up and down which caused him to moan softly. I squeezed his balls softly which made him close his eyes and moan again, this time louder. I kissed and pinched on the right places to drive him crazy and it worked. I tried to take his whole size which caused me to gag but I kept going. It felt like he was getting harder and harder in my mouth. I repeated this process a few times while he was letting out soft moans. Suddenly I felt his cock twitch before he came into my mouth. It was so much.. I tried to swallow it all up which caused him to smile. When I was done I stood up and took my lipstick and phone out of my bag to fix my lipstick. “Good job.. Y/L/N.. You can go now.” He zipped his pants up and started to work on his un finished paperwork. I stared at him a few seconds before I grabbed my books and put them into my bag. I walked to the door when he called my name. He passed me the keys. “Oh and Miss Y/L/N? Keep in mind that this was the first time.. Not the last time.” He winked and returned into his paperwork. I opened the door and excited the room. Not the last time? Hmm.. I could get used to this.

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Hello! I'm looking for some advice! For my 20th birthday, I'm doing some work on my left sleeve, which will be including my armpit..I've read a little on the pain but is it really that bad? Do I shave underarms the day of before I go in? And finally, what's said about going in for tattoos while on some pain killers? Thank you so much!! Have a beautiful day :)

thank you dear, you too xx